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Mario Super Sluggers


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It's the gamecube game, but with wii controls. I'm staying far away from it, and so should you.

(Yes, I know I'm generalizing.)

mario baseball for gamecube was freaking awesome

i got super sluggers about a month ago but never burned it

maybe i will for the purpose of this thread


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Atmuh, if I send you a Wii message, will it make you feel better?

When I played the GameCube version, I actually enjoyed the really difficult challenges to "level up" your characters, so to speak, except for really random ones like "Get 3 RBIs in one at bat" and other ones that were so reliant on other things. It eventually frustrated me so much that I stopped playing it forever. I'm still kind of thinking about buying the new one, but I have much more important things to buy first, like Spore, NHL 2K9, or an engagement ring.

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I haven't played it. I have really no desire to play any of the Mario sport games (i do have mario golf for gc though... heh).

i agree, i dont really have the motivation to play it. it seems like wii sports with mario characters and specials, but my logic is most likely wrong, i'd give it a try, but i'll probably do that before i buy it. if any of my friends get it that is

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