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Super Mario RPG 'Boosters Tower'

Random Hero

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Okay Ryan - sup? i told you i'd give you some words so here they are :)

- I think your intro needs work, The sample quality isn't bad at all, but i think it needs something, maybe something to give it a bit more flavor - play with it a bit. The first few notes are a bit odd, I'd suggest starting with something softer, maybe a different instrument before you bring the heavy bass in like that.

- The segment that starts at 1:24 is done well, but i think you could use more Oomph to signal the change of mood and style, it feels a little soft and i think the change could be a bit more pronounced. But the part that follows is beautiful. Nice work here. I dig it.

- 2:09 is really cool. Great emotional build, and good work with the strings - all around very solid stuff through here. Nice balance, good sound, good flow. I like.

- 2:55 is really weird. I mean, i see where your going and im going with it, but i don't really want to - its like your jumping through genre's without really mixing or combining them at all. It almost feels like one song stops and another begins entirely - I'm not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing, because i like both songs but they don't blend or mix very well. I think you might want to work at mixing them a bit better, or to put it simply, a better transition might be in order here.

- Nice work at 4:20 I like this part a lot. Instruments sound a bit odd, but the general flow is done very well. As it progresses it gets better too. Very cool.

- I definitely like the last segment the best. (5:10+) I feel like you've combined the styles a bit more fluidly this go and the song in general feels a lot more cohesive. It has a great build up and a very cool climax. you get bonus points for that.

I think there are a few spots in general you need to polish up - the intro and the transition at the mid-point (2:48) are my least favorite parts of the track by far, but the rest is smooth sailing with some pretty cool moments to boot. My favorite part is by far 1:40-2:45ish. Totally awesome stuff there.

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No source link, no source comment.

Intro sounds dry. The melody on strings is a little hard to follow. Crashes are kind'a weak compared to the massive sound of the other instruments in the first 1:30 of it.

Guitar sounds hard and very up-close,and I don't think either work well with the rest of the instruments. Making the sax really up close too might help, but then you'd have to many unnecessary clicks and stuff. I suggest moving the guitar further back and EQing it to have more highs and less lows.

Transition in the middle of the track... Didn't quite feel natural. I really like the new rhythm, but the guitar just stands out as bad there. Crashes seem to suffer from some weird compression/sampling issue, sounds like the sample stumbles on itself.

Overall, you've got three very different styles here. The transition between the second and third was the most jarring, but I wasn't fond of going from big giant orchestra to a guitar or two. Having some low brass or strings there might ease the transition, but make it soft enough so it doesn't take away the effect the strings provide when they come in.

The other transition just makes the track stop. having the guitar there stiking short chords or something along the beat might work.

Anyway, I have a feeling this is a pretty extensive adaptation so there's probably more than enough interpretation. Can't say for sure tho, but I like this. :D

Remixer, listeners, please take the time to answer the questions in this post.

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Here is an update (thou it is a few days old now).

NEW TITLE: The Party's on the Top Floor

I put a new "transition" in there.. and I guess Booster installed a elevator too...

I think the volume was lowered on this version, but I'm still in the compsition phase, to little post production is done yet.

And I think my hi hat dies in last section.. odd..

Oh well


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I would vary the crashes more, and try to find something sounding a bit more orchestral, perhaps using more than one at once.

Guitar notes seems to clash when it's first fading in, but other than that, it's by far a better transition.

I'm not a fan of the elevator and voice clip section, but as far as music goes, it's not bad, it bridges the styles and sections nicely.

Yup, transitions are better. The Wario clip is a bit annoying if you're familiar with the characters and their voices, but other than that, there's just technical crits that I'd be able to list, and they could be summed up in "track feels weak", which might be because of the lower volume that you already were aware of.

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