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Hey just wanted to post up this little diddy here.

I acquired a game voucher from a roommate of mine. It's God of War: Chains of Olympus. It's just a code you can use to get on the PSP. I'm really just putting this out here cause I really don't have much of a use for it.

I would like to trade for this for something on steam. If anyone would like to trade, the best way to do it would probably for me to give you the code first to see if it works. If it does than you can send me what we agreed on, if not no harm no fowl.

So yea, looking for best offer on a PSP God of War: Chains of Olympus downloadable code.

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For sale:

One (1) softmodded Wii system plus peripherals, which include:

All standard cables & equipment (oversized plastic wiimote jackets, composite cables, standard infrared emitter, etc.)

Component cable (the one with three separate channels for video)

Battery-powered infrared emitter (that you don't have to attach to the Wii)

Wii Sports foam peripherals that can be attached to the Wii (golf club, bat, etc.)

Two (2) Wiimotes with:

Standard Nunchuck attachments

Slim-fitting jackets (much better than the standard ones, trust me)

Rechargeable battery packs & a recharge station

Asking $220 for the whole shebang.

I also have several storage media with all sorts of ready-to-play games that I've tested on my Wii many times over, but selling those will have to be a one-on-one negotiation.

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sellin some stuff here's a short list of things i'm about to sell on ebay but for now i only have one thing listed so you can contact me at djnesper@yahoo.com if you're interested in anything. shipping is not included in any of these prices.



all games are cart only unless otherwise noted

[nes] mega man - 25.00

[nes] mega man 2 - 15.00

[nes] mega man 3 - 10.00

[nes] mega man 4 - 20.00

[nes] mega man 5 - 25.00

[nes] mega man 6 - 35.00

[nes] mega man 7 - 50.00

[sfc] rockman & forte (complete) - 75.00

[snes] mega man x2 - 50.00

[snes] mega man x3 - 75.00

[ps1] mega man x4 - 20.00

[ps1] mega man x6 - 20.00

[ps2] mega man x7 - 20.00

[snes] mega man soccer - 30.00

[nes] ninja gaiden - 10.00

[nes] ninja gaiden 2 - 10.00

[nes] ninja gaiden 3 - 20.00

[snes] un squadron - 20.00

[snes] illusion of gaia - 20.00

[snes] chrono trigger - 60.00

[snes] earthbound - 135.00

[snes] battletoads/double dragon - 20.00

[snes] earthworm jim 2 - 20.00

[snes] DKC 2 - 20.00

[sfc] mother 2 (complete) - 40.00



HORI Real Arcade Pro EX - 150.00

SNES Super Scope + Metal Combat - 80.00

SNES Controller - 10.00

Microsoft XBOX 360 Kinect without Kinect Adventures but with Kinect Sports - 100.00



korg kaossilator pro - 325.00

korg electribe emx - 325.00

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Hey guys, it has been quite a while since I last used this to try and sell something.

For Sale :

Playstation 3 80GB - Backwards compatible version. Has the memory card slots and 4 usb slots also.

2 controllers - 1 dualshock 3, 1 six-axis

HDMI cable included along with power cord.


Alice in Wonderland

Beauty and the Beast


Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Edward Scissorhands

The 40-Year Old Virgin

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete

From Paris With Love

Casino Royale

Quantum of Solace



Kingdom of Heaven


Formula 1 2010


Call of Duty: Black Ops

Burnout Paradise


Battlefield Bad COmpany 2

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

EA Sports Active 2

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Tomb Raider Underworld

Red Dead Redemption

Prince of Persia

NCAA Football 11

Need For Speed Shift

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Limited Edition)

Mod Nation Racers

Mass Effect 2

Killzone 2

Gran Turismo 5


NHL 11


Oblivion Game of the Year Edition

The Saboteur

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Little Big Planet

Little Big Planet 2


Final Fantasy XIII

White Knight Chronicles (No Case, just disc)

NBA 2K11

3D Dot Game Heroes

Nascar 2011

The Sly Collection

Madden 11

Ratchet and ClanK Future: A Crack In Time

Star Ocean: The Last Hope -International-

I am selling it as a set. I am asking 800 OBO. I am really willing to negotiate, as long as it isn't something like 200 bucks. too much to give away for that. Just PM me with any questions. also, Shipping will be on me. So no worries on your part.


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It could be, but I'd like to get it all sold at once, as opposed to some things being sold and others not. This way I am not stuck with ps3 games or movies that I cannot use and the person who purchases it can just trade in what they don't want and get something that they want instead.

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Yeah but you're probably going to be hard pressed to find someone here who's looking to spend $800 on a huge set like that (especially from someone they don't know across the internet). Again, I'm not trying to be rude and I'm not trying to make it my business, but I'm confused why you'd want all that sitting around for longer if the reason you're trying to sell it is because you don't want pieces of it, well, sitting around.

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I know your not, and while I would LOVE to get $800 out of it, chances are not that great, as I put that I am willing to negotiate a different price. Also you are right, no one really knows me, but I have sold a few things on here before.

aside from that, even if I did sell it in peices, if not everything sold, it would be just a waste because they'd be sitting here longer if everything else went.

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@nesper - from now on, please format things a little more like what i use on the front page. it takes forever to reformat everything each time =)

@kaden - i was under the impression that the launch model PS3s were 60 or 20/30gb, (CECHA and CECHB). 40gb and 80gb backwards compatible models (CECHC and CECHE)didn't have the memory sticks, i thought.

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It says CECHE01.

alrght, that makes more sense. it's a second-wave 80gb model, then - software compatible. it was AFTER those models - the F, G, etc models - that they took out the card reader and the extra slots. if it was a MSG4 special edition, it'd have a different code on it.

you've got the same one i've got, i just forgot that mine had the card reader. except for a few instances (FFXII final battle's a good example), they're just as good as the hardware-emulation models, and the blu-ray player in them is the better version that doesn't jam or crap out as often. in my opinion, they're the best backwards-compatible PS3 you can get nowadays, notably since it's rare that you have issues with the hdd size in them.

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