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Sale/Want 3.0

prophetik music

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we're coming up on two years of service of this thread. there is stuff on here that hasn't been updated in two years.

i'll be purging this thread soon - probably next week or the week after. i'll leave up the stuff that's relatively recent (ie, i recognize it), and will be dating all entries from now on. if an entry's up and un-updated for more than about six months, i'll take it off.

plan accordingly, please. make sure you're letting me know about stuff you've sold elsewhere.

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Yes, many thanks to Brad, who is awesome!

I won't bother going over everything in detail right now, knowing that Brad's going to purge it, soon and start fresh, but here's a craigslist post of mine with a number of items I'm selling at the moment. The post has more details for what formats things are in, and so on, and has links to product websites and such.

The only difference from the post would be payment. I'll take a cheque from an OCR member (though you'd obviously have to mail it to me first), and for anything that has physical media, I'd obviously have to ship it to you. I'll ship for free unless otherwise mentioned.

Ableton Live Suite 8, Boxed Version: $600

MOTU Micro Express MIDI Hub: $75 (plus shipping; if you want it, I'll ask the post office for an estimate to ship to your area)

Native Instruments Pro-53: $100

Zebra 2: $125

Sonic Projects OP-X: $75

Lennar Digital Sylenth1: $100

TruePianos: $90

Arturia Prophet V: $125

Applied Acoustics' Ultra Analog VA-1: $100

Applied Acoustics' Lounge Lizard: $100

Brainspawn Forte: $50

I'm willing to negotiate a bit on prices, so if you're interested in something, PM me and we'll talk.

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alright, i purged the crap out of this thread, and kept the few things that had been added in the last few weeks. i forgot past that, so i deleted a lot of relatively recent things that were added to this.

so, start posting what you want! particularly abadoss, since i annihilated like fifty entries on the want list from you.

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don't editorialize, it's annoying. also, as i've said for the past two years, please format your stuff correctly. if you want me to link to your generic pictures for your generic stuff (seriously, man, a USB hub needs a picture?), write the link yourself and leave the post number blank. i'll just fill that in.

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don't editorialize, it's annoying. also, as i've said for the past two years, please format your stuff correctly.

Done and done. Sorry about that, it's been a while since I've posted anything.

(seriously, man, a USB hub needs a picture?)

Maybe this is just me, but I always find pictures of any merchandise put me much more at ease. What kind of hub is it? How are the ports laid out relative to one another? What kind of condition is it really in? Since it's not a lot of effort to include a photo, I feel I'd rather answer any of these potential questions right out of the gate. It makes me more trustworthy.

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