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Review each others Video Game X-mas Wishlist


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Well it's only a couple months away, and friends and family start bugging you about what to get you for Christmas.

So I decided that instead of relying on reviews on GameFaqs or Gamestop we could ask each other about first hand experiences with games.

So far I'm looking at:

Lock's Quest - DS

Harvest Moon Island of Happiness - DS

Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility - Wii

Final Fantast Tactics A2 - DS

Star Ocean: The First Departure - PSP

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Well, since he's asking for first hand experiences with the games he's considering, I wouldn't say this is just a list thread.

Haven't played any in Hawkwing's list myself, but excellent choices on Nohbody's part with Orange Box and CoD4. I doubt one more person describing the Orange Box as the second coming matters that much, but Portal and Ep. 2 were amazing, and TF2 and CoD4 were two of the best online games I've played in years. The single player in CoD4 was also amazing, but the online was where it was at.

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ny dad lost his job so Christmas is going to be sort of depressing but its ok Im buying my own gifts:

XBox 360

FF 13 (...when does it come out?)

Fable 2

Ninja Gaiden 2

Call of Duty 4

the orange goddam box

lol isnt this a fav/lists thread

I have some friends that are in love with Fable 2. Two guys and one of the guys girlfriend. So if the girl likes it, she never plays video games, then it must be good.

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I don't normally ask for game's for Christmas, but Order of Ecclessia is definitely, DEFINITELY on my list (If I don't get it earlier). I think I'd rather get cash and go buy worthless PS2 titles I never made it to. My puter needs an upgrade so I'm temporarily out of the PC gaming arena.

Actually, I would love it if I could get some cash to buy presents this year, but high schoolers + Job searching in Florida just isn't workin out right now...

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