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OCR01778 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "Of Mind and Body"


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I liked it. Gave me the whole "mellow, chilling and smoking" vibe, which was really nice. I'm also fighting off a yawn because of said vibe. Only thing I wish the mix contained was more of it, since I feel that just two minutes of this stuff wasn't enough. Still, there's a repeat button for a reason. :D

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This just came on my MP3 player. First thought was "I didn't know I had Under the Bridge on... wait, that's the SM3 warp theme..." Looks like I wasn't the only one catching a Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe from it. (Under the Bridge is probably my favorite song of theirs--slight aside.)

It's good. I really don't think it needs a re-record; it already sounds pretty solid. My thought is that mellow tracks work well with a minimalist approach, and so the simplicity works in its favor for this track. Additional instruments would change its flavor.

Anyway, rather than worry about redoing this track, why not go for another one entirely? There're plenty of other themes that could do with a little mellow treatment, and a new track could provide some fresh perspective if you're looking to mix things up a bit more. KF

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Haha....I'm getting that "sleepy/relaxing/meditating" feeling from this mix. Very peaceful and relaxing. Normally I think ReMixes that are shorter than two and a minute are too short, but considering the content of this song, I think the shorter track works with it, rather than against it.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01778 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "Of Mind and Body"

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