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Nobuo Uematsu, YOU THIEF! I KEEL YOU!


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I can't believe, in the ten years since it was created, that I did not notice this before, but Final Fantasy 7's "On That Day, Five Years Ago" is essentially just the Batman theme.

Not the TV theme, but Danny Elfman's Batman theme, just in a different key.


The song in question:


And Elfman's Batman theme:

Your honor, I rest my case!

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The tonality is pretty different. However, the Elfman theme actually quite a ripoff of a Schubert symphony written hundreds of years ago. Here's proof - I made this comparison to a part of the Credits theme from Advent Children (which is just the FF7 main theme in a minor tonality anyway), but it applies here:


This is more damning imo ;)

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Could someone please contact Mr. Elfman? That's a pretty sweet remix; we should ask him to submit it.

BTW: there's a lot more to Uematsu's tune than just that bit, and that bit is so small that it's reasonable to think it's been used more than once before... see

(shamelessly stolen from an older thread).

EDIT: I post too slowly. See previous two posts.

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The correlation is iffy to me, because the version of the Batman theme he uses as the example is a variation of the actual Elfman Batman theme. The true Elfman theme is an upbeat sort of march tune with a completely different rhythm and it changes the sound of the song a lot. Much how like how the Elder Scrolls main theme sounds a lot like Pirates of the Caribbean if you use the right varion of both, because they have similar notes

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What I hear:


A, B, C, G, Gb


B, Db, D, G, Gb

escariot is actually right on. The only thing those two motifs have in common (aside from the G and Gb) is the contour. The reason you listen to them back to back and go HEY WAIT A MINUTE is because of the G and Gb. But in reality, final fantasy is using that Gb (or as I prefer to think, F#) as a modal mixture, going from a minor i chord to a major IV (modally dorian), whereas the batman, just for that motif, is staying in a purely natural minor state (modally aeolian).

Honestly I am not familiar with the soundtrack to batman with anywhere near the same intimacy as I am with FF7, but even though I hear similarities between the two tracks, I hardly think nobou was "stealing" from danny elfman any more than any composer steals from any composer. In fact, I think coincidence is just as likely a culprit here as theft is. The FF7 motif, as mentioned earlier, is a motif used THROUGHOUT the game (I think Aeris' theme is the strongest example of this motif). Listening to just the batman track that Neko posted, the motif is used melodically much differently than the FF7 motif. Though I do admit, I hear bits of jenova in the batman theme opening ;)

The other thing is that there is only so much music that can be contained in the genre of cheesy japanese video game music, so it's practically impossible to avoid sounding like other cheese incidental music without making a bold move. So all in all, I don't think nobou stole from danny.

But I still think nobou rehashes his music all the time ;)

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