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Did someone mention Cave Story?


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I didn't see any other threads mentioning this, and I did a search before hand to see if it had, so please don't kill me if this has already been posted.

Anyhow, on to the meaty goodness. I was reading a certain magazine at a much-too-early time in the morning, and came across this article, which I have scanned for your enjoyment, and perhaps frustration as well.


Suffice it to say, Cave Story on the Wii? With upgraded sprites?!?!? Awesomeness. Even though I have this game and have played it a few times already, I will so buy this when it comes out.

The interview with Pixel is pretty good too.

PS - Sorry for the low res scan. I scanned it from my own copy, and there didn't seem to be any quality settings that I could play with.

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So after I created this thread, I went and told my wife about it, and she reacted in a really strange way. As soon as I told her, she said that I had already told her about this a while ago. It would seem that somehow I knew about this previously, and just forgot that I knew, or something weird like that. Or it could be that we are going crazy...

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