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OCR01034 - Wizards & Warriors "Wise Wizards, Old Warriors"


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hi all. i'm glad you enjoy the remix. when i release the album later this year, i'll master it to a higher quality.

i've had a few requests for the lyrics so here they are in their full unadulterated, cheesy goodness:

and if you do love me

i will say i love you

and you will go with me

to the land of harmony

where horizon meets the sea

the sun will warm my love

my love, please leave me

i want to sleep

in the night, don't call me

just let me dream

now you can sing along o_0


::sniff:: that is so cute.

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Certainly the most unpretentiously-named remix ever made. If this is just "Theme," I'd love to see a song bazooie owns and renames to makes his/her own.

This remix is beautiful, compelling, and charming-- as unexpected as DJP says in his writeup, and unparalleled since 2003. One of my all-time favorites. I hope bazooie is still remixing, I'd love to hear more!

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A big-hitter that's tucked away in the OCR catalogue, obscured by an epically unimaginative title and the unknown name of a one-time submitter. Even still, it's hard to forget this once you've heard it, not that you'd ever want to.

There's something special running through this that I can't really explain. bazooie has taken some techno conventions and sounds, churned them up and rearranged them into the most effective, invasive product possible. The result is something that clings to you and haunts you.

And what sets this above other mixes that manage to get inside you is that this also works as something that just sounds really cool, even fun and energetic at times. The bridging theme at 1:30 is such an awesomely inspired miniature side-journey that is just as exciting as the main one. And the vocoder effects intertwining with eachother and the other synth elements of the mix are as beautiful as they are demented-sounding.

This one is like a dream where I can't remember if it scared me or moved me. Or perhaps... it moved me so much it scared me?

Deeeeep stuff. As highly regarded as they come.

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I was pretty wary of the remix title, but thankfully the theme itself is much more imaginatively arranged than i was initially led to believe, and it's one that i've recognized on my playlist for quite some time.

The synths are really distinct, and the vocoding, while being a bit difficult to understand, is very sonically unique. Good interpretation of the theme, and some good surprises and upbeat and catchy parts make this a really nice track.

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Hi guys, it's been forever since I made this, but I recently updated the song to take care of some things I didn't like, and will be pressing a CD in August.

If anyone is interested in helping be a part of the initial Kickstarter for the CD, I'd love to have you! Either way, you can check out the updated version here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/bazooie/bazooie-the-path-of-least-resistance/posts


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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01034 - Wizards & Warriors "Wise Wizards, Old Warriors"

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