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Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?  

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  1. 1. Should Larry bring back VGF as OCR's podcast?

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    • [b][size=7]YES[/size][/b]
    • Larry's merely part of the establishment now (i.e. yes)
    • Yes, as this promotes affirmative action

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I'm just curious about something: SIX Dj Abjurator songs? What's the special occasion? That's... a lot of stuff by one person... 8O

::Slips liontamer a $20::

Bling Bling! I used Galen's $20 to buy some booze for Halloween, so clearly we both win.

Thanks to Species, the collection of episodes for VG Frequency is complete :!: with episodes #1, #7 & #8 now available for download, including his pure genius :idea: in providing episode #7 with the full version of DarkeSword's Dream Pipe and saving it from cutting off. RealAlternative (for people that want to watch my radio show but hate RealPlayer) and QuickTime Alternative are also still available from my webspace as well, so head over there to download everything you're looking for: https://webdrive.service.emory.edu/users/loji/

For anyone that's kept all the episodes of my show, I have a small request to make. Currently in the Original Artist info in the ID3v2 tags, all the episodes say "Larry Oji (Liontamer)". In order to better run-down the guest callers and interviews we've had from the OCR community on the show so far, I encourage you to make sure the Original Artist sections for each episode have the following cut-and-pasted into the ID3v2 tags:

#1: Liontamer f/KyleJCrb

#2: Liontamer f/Vigilante & Star Salzman

#3: Liontamer f/Juverna (click/oops), Beatdrop, DCT, Dragonking, Star Salzman, SuperGreenX, McNoods & Vigilante

#3.5: Liontamer f/DarkeSword

#4: Liontamer f/Juverna, Vigilante, DarkeSword & bLiNd

#5: Liontamer f/Adhesive_B0y

#6 (BR): Liontamer

#6: Liontamer f/KyleJCrb & Beatdrop

#7: Liontamer f/DCT, Succubus & Vigilante

#8: Liontamer f/The Wingless & Dj Abjurator

The tracks from reelmojo's People's Remix Challenge will be featured tonight along with stuff by JigginJonT, Jared Hudson & Mark Vera. Jared and Jon T may call in tonight for interviews, but that's not set in stone. Since I haven't been around much to take requests this week, I'll be loading up tonight with plenty of random goodness. In any case, see you tonight folks.

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Another good show Lion. Not sure why the stream cut out on me for the last 20 minutes of the show, but again, many thanks for giving my "Halloween" theme remix airplay... even if it was the day AFTER Halloween ;).

I gave the reset a try after everyone left and I still couldn't connect, so hopefully whatever happened will be fixed and right as rain for the next show... which I promise I won't be pimping anything for :mrgreen:

Anyway, if you need the AIM logs because of something getting messed up, I got them saved.

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As usual, big, big thanks to everyone who tuned in, and Species for hooking us up with the MP3 archive, which turned out very well tonight. Look for it fairly soon, perhaps even tomorrow. Thanks to OverCoat (sans Seattle), The Coop & The Wingless for hooking me up with the fresh cuts this week as well. Come in early, Blak_Omen, so you don't miss anything! I'll definitely take your chat transcript tomorrow, Coop, to see if I need to add anything to the one I snagged. I miss "the whistles go WHOO" too. :) Thanks also to JigginJonT & Jared Hudson for providing some high quality interviews. The time I spent prepping for 'em, despite me feeling very beat today, was definitely well worth it, and I appreciate you guys calling in and making bumpers!

Since I knew I'd just have 2 hours tonight, I was able to prepare a lot better for the time limit, and had zero problems whatsoever, despite me not really having time to chill around in the chat room. I'm gonna have to read it over it later and see what was goin' on. Join me in vicariously experiencing the non-sensicalness of VG Frequency's weekly chat room session by checking out this week's chat transcript!

With the surprising quickness tonight, here's this week's tracklist:

Larry Oji - WMRE (Emory University Student Radio; Atlanta, GA)

"VG Frequency" - Saturday, November 1, 2003 - 10 PM - 12 AM EST

1. John Pee - "Piano Skill Level 1" [Treasure Hunter G OST]

2. John Pee - "Piano Skill Level 2" [Treasure Hunter G OST]

3. John Pee - "Piano Skill Level 3" [Treasure Hunter G OST]

4. John Pee - "Piano Skill Level 4" [Treasure Hunter G OST]

5. Jared Hudson - VG Frequency "Break Loose" Bumper

6. John Pee - "Just Like the Mountain, He Will Not Move" [Treasure Hunter G OST]

7. Mythril Nazgul - Doom "Doom, Despair and Dread" [The People's Remix Competition 1]

8. Dj Abjurator - Doom "DbD (Death by Distortion)" [The People's Remix Competition 1]

9. JigginJonT - VG Frequency "Be As One" Bumper

10. JigginJonT - Final Fantasy 6 "Anthem of Exile" [VGMix]

11. JigginJonT - Xenogears "Live From the Yggdrasil" [OC ReMix #1062]

12. JigginJonT gives us the gift of gab on his disappointment in Larry's level of geekdom, the satisfaction and money rollin' in from releases on OCR & VGMix the same week, the trials and tribulations of creating and retooling "Enter the Frog", the potential for doing a funk remix, a band project he recently made himself a part of, the developing Mega Man III ska remix of Magnet Man's theme with zykO, the instances where he accepts criticism, what style of remixing he prefers, Mustin freaking out on him and calling him a lying liar who lies when he posted "Anthem of Exile" on VGMix, Ailsean finally calming Mustin down, upcoming mixes including a collab with Pixelated for the StarFox Ultimate Collaboration project, checking out Kill Bill, and threatening to buy out VG Frequency [http://pixelated.myrmid.com/users/jigginjont]

13. JigginJonT - F-Zero "Mute City" Remix (WIP 4) [http://pixelated.myrmid.com/users/jigginjont]

14. JigginJonT - Chrono Trigger "Enter The Frog" [OC ReMix #948]

15. Kenji Ito - "Booby Trap" [saGa Frontier OST]

16. Mark Vera - "Star Orion (Airplay Edit)" [http://www.mikseri.net/markvera]

17. Blak Omen - "Easy Listening to Frag To" [The People's Remix Competition 1]

18. Wave Theory - "The BBoy Files" [http://www.planetskill.com]

19. Koji Kondo - "Underground BGM" [super Mario World 2 OSV]

20. OverCoat - "Closet Getaway Truth (Angst Whore)" [http://rks.no-ip.com/~seattleovercoat]

21. Lobescoper - Doom "Caesar Salad" [The People's Remix Competition 1]

22. Fumie Kumatani - "Image of Hero" [Phantasy Star Online: Songs Of Ragol Odyssey: Soundtrack Episode 1]

23. analoq - Doom "Doom Is Still My Favorite FPS" [The People's Remix Competition 1]

24. Star Salzman - VG Frequency "WMRE Jingle" Bumper

25. reelmojo - Doom "Acoustic Mustic" [The People's Remix Competition 1]

26. aluminum - Doom "A Common Neurosis" [The People's Remix Competition 1]

27. Noriyuki Iwadare - "It's Me!" [Lunar: Silver Star Story OST]

28. Jared Hudson w/Andrea Hudson - "Kromm the Headhunter" [Kromm the Headhunter Trailer]

29. Jared Hudson w/Abram McCalment - Final Fantasy 10 "The Final Summoning" [OC ReMix #1017/VGMix]

30. Jared Hudson takes a break from the daily grind to talk about finally completing "The Final Summoning", how he found Abram McCalment to lay the guitar track for it after zykO couldn't, the reopening and new layout of VGMix, a comparison of the reviews on OCR & VGMix, getting hired to do "Kromm the Headhunter" by Digital World Effects, travelling to San Diego for Siggraph 2003 this past July, receiving his first paid music job for an Archvision demo CD available at the convention, an emerging game project by Digital World Effects for [censored], brushing up on his Latin language skills, his decision to not go back to Ball State University and apply to the Berkeley School of Music next fall, the origins of his interest in music composition, how he chose film scoring as his potential career choice, the cinematic style of his remixes, the music projects that test his versatility and Danny Elfman's versatile nature in film scoring, Larry trapped in the WMRE studios while the fire alarm goes off, possible upcoming work including [censored], an earlier version of "Kromm the Headhunter" transforming into a Halo remix, and the judges of OverClocked ReMix [http://www.hudsonstudios.net]

31. Jared Hudson - "Special Ops Menu" [special Ops OST]

32. Jared Hudson - "Colliding Worlds" [ira OST]

33. Jared Hudson - Metal Gear Solid 2 "Metal Gear May Cry (Remastered)" [OC ReMix #690]

34. Jared Hudson - Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear "Mystery of a Planet" [OC ReMix #803]

35. Rayza f/Paige - VG Frequency "Scary Larry" Bumper

36. The Coop - Halloween "Hallomix" [http://www.geocities.com/arforfaborb/TheCoop]

37. The Wingless - Rygar "The Seven Cities of Troy" [http://www.thewingless.com]

38. Charles Blachly - "I Miss You" [http://www.mp3.com/blachly]

39. Injury f/EXTX - "Symphonic Decon (EXTX's Overhaul Mix)" [http://www.mp3.com/injure]

40. Disco Dan - Mega Man 3 "Needle Man by Night" [Mega Man III Remixes]

41. John Pee - "Peaceful Sleep" [Treasure Hunter G OST]

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The MP3 archive is up and ready for download at my webspace courtesy of Species 8472. Check out the tracklist at the bottom of page 14, and get show #9, as well as other episodes, at my webspace: https://webdrive.service.emory.edu/users/loji/.

For those who want to get right to the interviews, you can listen in to JigginJonT's interview at 17 minutes & Jared Hudson's interview at 76 minutes. Thanks again to everyone who check it out. Questions & comments are appreciated. Keep it with VG Frequency next Saturday, peeps.

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Are you going to do a cd set archive of shows like SRX did?

Hmmm...I dunno, Edge. The archives are all done in 24kbps/22khz/mono format to go for a smaller file size with the download, so I'm not sure if anyone would be interested in getting a CD of the shows if the bitrate isn't high. If you would be interested nonetheless, I may seriously do something like that. For the upcoming Homestarrunner.com interview, I'm definitely going to see what we can do at WMRE (and with any listeners, as well) with recording that show in at least a 128kbps bitrate. Thanks for the interest, Edge. You should hang out in the AIM chat room if you wanna check out the show live next week.

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Ah yes. Let's not forget that the WMRE webstream is too spotty to record the show at a higher bitrate. RealPlayer...:roll:.

Waking up this evening/early morning has been very productive. I got to check out the second half of KyleJCrb's radio show "Nitro Game Injection", and two OCR submissions that I've been anticipating very, very highly finally made it up in "Dezoris Winter" & "Belmont Lounge".

To celebrate these quality tracks finally receiving the Pretzel seal of approval, they'll be featured next Saturday on VG Frequency, along with the other side of the coin in GrayLightning's & Dan Baranowsky's first VGMix submissions "Schala: Memories Lost in Time 2" and "The Galaxy is at Peace". Along with Dan's Super Metroid mix being on OCR as well, Gray's Chrono Trigger mix is a revisitation of his older OC mix "Memories Lost in Time".

Not to be outdone, bLiNd has just completed his latest track for the upcoming album from KFSS Studios, Project Majestic Mix Trance, and you'll be getting the exclusive hookup this Saturday in this 3rd part of the PMM Trance preview. For those of you who've been following bLiNd's progress intently, get ready to revist an old favorite. :wink:

To allow more time for music, I'll be sticking to only one interview from now on, but if you have any requests (Larry, play my st00f!) or wanna come on the air for an interview (Larry, I like the sound of my own voice!), feel free to lemme know, with a bias towards anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to give an interview yet.

More stuff will be previewed later in the week, but for now, be sure to pick up the available episodes up from my webspace featuring interviews with KyleJCrb [#1], DCT/Succubus/Vigilante [#7], The Wingless/Dj Abjurator [#8] & JigginJonT/Jared Hudson [#9]. There's also the very excellent MP3.com station available at http://www.mp3.com/stations/vgfrequency that focuses on remixer originals, so be sure to bookmark that.

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Looks like another jam packed evening, Larry. Looking forward to the show. 8)
He's just sayin' that cuz he's gonna be featured! :wink:
Play some Sega. Seriously. Panzer Dragoon Saga or Orta would do nicely.
Sure, yo. Gimme any particular suggestions you have, or hook me up with linkage to an MP3 you'd prefer.
I'll probably be there this weekend. Marching band contests are done.
And with the passing of October, we are reunited with Red Omen. Good to have you back, bro. Let the peeps know how the marching band stuff turned out.
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BOA Rice Stadium, Houston: 7th of about 30

UIL, Alief Stadium: Division I (no ranking)

Lone Star Preview, Woodlands: 4th of about 15

Super Regional BOA Alamodome, San Antionio: 10th of 57

Our show sucked this year, and we're too poor to go to State two years in a row.

And, actually, my return is a false alarm. Just got slapped with a concert. The following weekend I've got a theatre tournament. The gods conspire against us, Liontamer. :?

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Panzer Dragoon Azel & Orta requests DENIED! :wink:

For now, there's no scheduled interview tonight. If you want your 15 minutes though, feel free to leave me a message sometime before 5 PM EST while I'm asleep. No interview's just as well, because there's tons of st00f in store and it's gotta fit within 2 hours. Along with the already featured tracks from Dan Baranowsky, GrayLightning and bLiNd (it's a secret!), we've got remixes from Shadow, SuperGreenX & MC, a MegaMan II submission from the aspiring BliziHiZaKe, old school flavor from Mellogear, Nate Cloud, SkyHigh, Spram & Injury, and fresh cuts with the lastest two OC ReMixes from Trace Kyshad & silent. OverCoat also adds a little extra "sabor" to the mix with a brand new bumper debuting tonight!

You should already know the drill: http://www.emory.edu/WMRE/wmre.ram is the link for the webstream, and you need RealPlayer [thumbs down] or RealAlternative [thumbs up] to check it out.

The AIM chat room is "VG Frequency" as always. Invite yourself in, or hit me up with an IM at Liontamer87, to hang out with us OC remixers & fans while we all act strangely! 10 PM EST...that's soon.

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