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OCR01038 - Xenogears "Skyline"


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Another moody intro from Ziwtra, and boy does it work like all of his others! I remember this mix from way back in the days of the dorm with Sephfire. Even though I'm not a fan of synth strings, they work well in this mix. The percolating drums are great and I love the militaristic snare patterns that are overlaid in there. This mix highlights Mr. Hahn's love for juxtaposing a very fast bass/drums section with a slower melody line. It creates an epic-ness that is hard to create another way! The ritard at the end was a nice touch. Not bad at all!

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Wow. The percussion of this ReMix marching along ahead the melody is crazy good. Very upbeat and adding that little bit of rock with the flute just lets the whole mix soar. An amazing ReMix of Wings and another great track from Ziwtra. Really enjoying this one.

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