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HILARIOUS MGS cast improv video!


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One of the funniest videos I've seen in awhile. This proves how awesome these voice actors are. The improv was done so well and it's great how everyone's in character while keeping a straight face. It's so damn funny I can't even write my favorite quote of the video...I'll let you guys do that. Praying for a bloopers reel.

While you're at it, watch some of UltraNeko's other videos. I've been a fan of her for awhile. There are a few nice solo interviews with some of the MGS4 casts and others. Some of her video reviews are funny as well.

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I've played mgs1 8 times. mgs2 4 times. mgs3 3 times. mgs4 9 times.

I played MGS1 20 times (Crazy, but speedrunning does that), MGS2 10 times (got fed up with the RETARDED story, but it was fun), MGS3 30 times (Came close to a 2-hour run. So many more tricks to pull off in the game than any MGS game it seels).

And I want to play MGS4 20 times too.

As for the video, it had its moments. But it felt like every other celebrity who wants to get in on the YOUTUBE ACTIONZ.

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