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If you've got all kinds of other crap loaded, no. It could be a large soundfont too. Audio work on your computer is best done with as little loaded into memory as possible; some people have a separate Windows user just for audio that doesn't load anything beyond necessary drivers.

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no single application can load more than 2 gigs of ram into itself. it's gotta outsource it, similar to chrome's tab=process style. the errors start around 1800 megs, in my experience.

learned that one the other day when my fl was erroring out. there's a workaround hack that'll expand it to 3 gigs but you risk bricking your windows installation if you dick it up.

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I've been planning on getting a computer separate from our home one for doing music anyway.

But hey, until I get good at soundfonts and whatnot I can just stick to my guitar guns.

It could be a large soundfont too.

Not only would it not load a 20,763 KB soundfont, it wouldn't load a 138 KB soundfont :\

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Well I don't know your computer's specs, but i DO know that SFZ gets quite reluctant to work with dual-core processor, if that helps.

Also, depending on the version of XP you're using, it can slightly impact the perfomance on some configs.

That being said, I have to be honest:

Having a computer optimised for audio editing, with strictly audio editing software, not connected to the net and free of all other generic programs (text writer, spreadsheet, anti-virus), is the best option. Not the cheapest for sure, but definitely worthwhile.

Anyway, I don't think your issue is really memory related. It may come from the SFZ player you're using, or the fact that you've opened multiple instances of the program.

Have you tried some other SoundFonts softs? Here's some links.




Good luck. ;-)

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I have Quantum Leap RA and I have sfz

guess which one works faster


I don't get it, soundfonts were fine back in 2003, why is it so hard to load them now? I get all sorts of errors with sfz in renoise, which is probably the most stable VST host out there.

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It's a shame, really. It froze my computer yesterday while I was trying to load some sfARK format bank.

Guess no developper ever gives crap about that format, even with sf2+.

On a side note Overcoat, If you don't mind, I would be really interested in your feedback on RA?

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