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KNGI VGM Radio: Nitro Game Injection (Sat 7:30 PM ET) & GameFuel

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Catching up a bit.. really enjoyed the AnSou interview, fun stuff, also really enjoying the exclusive track right now, while downloading the OA/EOBLOR ep. Good work!


Thanks :3 Kaleidoscope is being submitted to Dream Build Play tonight so I'll start planning an album release, keep a look out!

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Hey guys, I know it's been awhile since Larry and I have dropped an episode, but we're getting back into the swing of things and will be posting a new show no later than Thursday. If you want to help out (it may get the next episode out quicker!) and hear your voice on the show, we're looking for bumpers or identifiers (or as Wikipedia calls them, sweepers) to segue between songs to replace some of the older ones that I've been reusing for awhile now. Essentially, all you need to do is record yourself saying "This is [YOUR NAME] (optionally, you can add "from [YOUR COMMUNITY OF CHOICE], like OCR, VGMix, DoD, The Shizz, or whatever) and you're listening to Nitro Game Injection," but you can feel free to get creative with it and have some fun. Check out some samples to get a better idea, and have some fun with it. If you do decide to drop us an ident, we will use it and thank you on an upcoming episode.

Just email it to kngipodcast@gmail.com, PM me, or just post it in this thread. Thanks everyone!

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Kyle and Larry take you back to a time before the Reset Generation contest winners and the Metroid Metal Varia Suite were announced, before Arm Cannon’s new followup album was released, when Summoning of Spirits was in Nintendo Power, and when Dwelling of Duels had 3 entries. They also discuss the Otakon convention, Baconaisse, Game Unicon, and much more.


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Although, I didn't hear it used...

I know, I failed on that part and forgot to throw the bumpers in before I exported the final show. It'll be in the next episode (which Larry and I will FINALLY be getting around to recording this week), so watch out for it.

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NGI #123 is finally out!

To prove that NGI is NOT dead, KyleJCrb and Liontamer have returned with a jam-packed show! This time, the guys confirm the pronunciation of Live A Live while subsequently slaughtering the names of songs, remixers, and composers, as well as coining new terms, dropping the details on PAX ‘09, and laying down the hate on a number of games. Check out this exciting new episode!


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Hiatus? What hiatus? Kyle & Larry are back to give you a dose of great game music. On this episode, the duo talk weather, surf rock, Captain Lou Albano, and of course, games and game music. Album reviews return to NGI, and the guys take an in-depth look at Metroid Metal’s newest release, Varia Suite.


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