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ALBUM PROJECT: DKC2 "Memories of Krem Quay" (Update)


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Oh dude, this percussion is BADASS! :-D The synth lead isn't always powerful enough, but it seems like you chose to focus more on the drums in this song and in that area, you did wonderfully!

For me, the album was hit-or-miss some of the time but I definitely admire the effort and heart you put into all of this! I'm glad you were able to finish it up, and there are some real standout tracks (such as the last one you put up.) Congratulations!

Also, I like the synth that you used throughout White Lagoon (the one found prominently in the intro,) can you explain to me how you got that? :-)

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Thank you very much.

As for the The White Lagoon, I really just set some random effects on an electric piano and messed with the settings until I liked what I had. And added a fair amount of reverb.

Mechanical Meltdown was meant to be a hard hitting final track. I did focus on the percussion, maybe more than I should have, but I think it's badass too.

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That last track was worth the wait.

Ya, tell me about it. Ha. I've been trying to figure out what track to mix, how to do it, length, instruments, etc. since I started this project. The last track has got to be gold and i'm so pleased to hear everyone likes it. So thanks again.

Though I really debated mixing Jib Jig.

By the way, i'm not sure if I mentioned it but since I began remixing about 3 years ago I have been using FL Studio. "The Bramble" was my first remix using Logic. I have switched software and would still call myself new at using it, but this album has been a great learning experience in that way.

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Amazing!! way to go clay I loved the new track and its a unique style brambles too ^^

I personally didn't like the ending much but its still awesome well I'll be looking forward for the others keep up the good work, oh and I may I ask what style will you remix the mechanical meltdown it was one of my favorites? well I hope it will still have some mechanics in it XD

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Hmmm, i haven't really thought that far ahead yet. But I will tell you that the Swamp mix is orchestral/ambient.

As for the bramble mix thank you. Ya, the ending is bad I know. But it grew on me. For some reason I just feel like it should cut off. I'm really just trying to mix all the songs like i've never heard before.

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