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Good Places to Buy Game Soundtracks?


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I just saw the Okami OSt for $255 on Amazon and my heart sank.

I know Amazon and Ebay have pretty much everything, but I was wondering if anyone

knows of a site with reasonable prices and a good selection of video game soundtracks.

I figure there must be at least a few people on this site who actually buy video game


I also live in Canada, so shipping to places other than the US would be nice.

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I normally buy mine from a few different locations (all of which say they ship internationally, including Canada).

www.gamemusic.com can be kind of hit and miss, but I've found it to have a decent selection and good prices for the most part.

www.vgmworld.com has a lot of good stuff (though sometimes pretty damn pricey), many of which is hard to find elsewhere, including the Okami ost, but it looks like it's sold out at the moment.

www.gkworld.com used to have a much larger game ost selection (I got my FFTactics OST from here a couple years back for just $10), but it looks like they've cleared most of it out now. They seem to mostly have anime ost's, but there are still a few vg ones here and there, and for great prices to boot. Also, they've got a lot of other stuff, many of which is game related, if you're into that.

www.play-asia.com is also a really popular site for imports. I've never used it (yet), but I've only heard good things. A quick search revealed what you're looking for...


Those are the sites I'd recommend and have had good experiences with, and I buy all of my vg music in cd form myself. Hope this helps!

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I also live in Canada, so shipping to places other than the US would be nice.

First, I'd just like to say something about licensed and commercial music in Canada.

Due to a wonderful little law we have up here in Canada, you can download music for free without fear of legal action against you. There is a levy placed upon recordable media, and by way of a few rulings, the levy "covers" the supposed loss of sales to artists (although we all know that the artists only get a small fraction of sales, as the record companies take a huge cut right off the top). If you were so inclined, you could download the music for free, if you could find it, and not by afraid of some record company coming after you. Mind you, if it's video game music you want, most of the time that sort of album is never marketed anywhere in Canada. It's not like you would be hurting sales in the first place, seeing as how there were none to begin with.

Now, if instead, you wish to have the actual CDs for your collection, then never mind that. By all means, buy the CDs if possible. It's better as you have a far better quality, and if you did want to make copies for any digital players, you would have the option to make really good encodings with the highest quality. Besides, having a nice shelf of CD cases looks pretty nifty, as I can personally attest. It's a pretty mosaic of colors and labels.

I would suggest you look out for bootleg CDs. There are knock-offs out there, and if you buy those, money is not going in any way to the artists, but instead to the bootleggers. Better to download for nothing than give your money to the bootleggers.

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Thanks for the links everyone. Some of the albums I'm looking for were listed as out of

stock/out of print, but most of them were available on one site if not the other. Last

time I ordered a CD off Ebay it arrived in a flimsy envelope with the jewel case badly


Due to a wonderful little law we have up here in Canada, you can download music for free without fear of legal action against you

Way ahead of you on this one.

like you said, I also like to have the actual physical CD just so I have something

tangible. The music doesn't feel complete without the album art and the little book

inside the case. Also so I can rip in Flac format.

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The second is isn't likely to sell video game soundtracks. In all the video game stores in both Canada and the US I've been to, I have never seen any game music CDs for sell.
I've seen a small handful of game soundtracks in game / electronics / music stores around here. (Heck, I once saw the Conker: Live and Reloaded OST at a Walmart... and I kinda regret not buying it.) I've yet to see an actual brick and mortar store with a dedication section for VG OSTs, though.
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What exactly is Galbadia Hotel?

Ah yes, Galbadia Hotel...it is honestly still amazing that it is still around.

One day, you're one it gets shut off then the next, it's like nothing ever happened. Most of the time I just go to forums.ffshrine.org. I mean some people post multiple OSTs with great quality...so, you might look into that if you are not just going for individual tracks.

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Mad Gear will sometimes have game soundtracks available at conventions. (Their convention schedule is here.) Additionally, you can take a look at their eBay store in case anything else comes up. I usually get rare/hard-to-find games from them, not so much soundtracks, but I've found they generally have really good prices for what it's worth.

Other than them, I'd say play-asia (already mentioned) is your best bet.

Is it. cool and whats your name if i may ask?

"Yousef", if I had to take a guess? (There're 3 or 4 Yousefs in my family, I think, so it's the first that comes to mind.) KF

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