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Final Fantasy VII - Fighting (Rock Remix)

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As far from James and his music as this has gone now, it might as well be locked. Last even remotely music-related post here was Aizen's, tho it seems more of a trolling attempt and an attack on constructive criticism. The other posts have been about James' attitude to feedback and a disagreement concerning sound quality... and escalating ridicule. No need to reiterate stuff that much.

Sadly, SnappleMan is right about what this leads to.

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Well, sadly your all probably right. I hate to see prospective composers walk away from a great craft due to pride and stupidity, but it's where this kind of thing leads up to (basically agreeing with Snappleman, here). Hey, maybe he'll leave for a while and come back when he musically matures a bit (fat chance, though...).

I did get a good quote for my signature from this thread, though - at least SOMETHING good came out of all this :).

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Originally Posted by Gario viewpost.gif

Hey, maybe he'll leave for a while and come back when he musically matures a bit (fat chance, though...).

Yeah... wait, HEY!!! :shock:
Read the thread - put it in context and it isn't so wrong. I'm not referring to an age, I'm referring to the guy's attitude.
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There's this site called youtube.com, I think your feedback might be more suited to their standards.

Here's some youtube for you: "Tensei-San, you remind me of gay."

Case closed, please do not respond again.

Surprised I haven't been banned yet. :|

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Good lord, has anyone seen how many visits this James_the_Composer has gotten? Holy crap - he's only made something close to 5 posts yet probably has more visits than most people on this site...

He's become the definition of what people shouldn't be, and everyone is curious! Great job there, James - your an OCR phenomenon! :nicework:

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EDIT: Don't yell at me for reviving this thread because I DIDN'T revive this thread. It was up here, first on the list, it doesn't matter that I posted on it anyway since I didn't bump it at all.

Jeez I thought I was being an idiot and was ignoring good criticisms... but this guy, his remix set aside, is just pure stupid.

I hope I never turn into this (comment removed by author because I don't feel like even saying it). He should be taking your advice, not saying "Well I don't feel like changing that because I like it" when it's about a bad quality sound or something or saying "This is a bad community because it talks about what's wrong rather than what's right".

Well Mr James the Composer two wrongs don't make a right... and neither do a million. No matter what's good about your remix if there is something wrong with it it WILL bring the whole thing down... So stop making rights and fix your wrongs. Even better: DO BOTH.

Coming from a 13 year old kid: STOP BEING A BRAT.

:/ I probably look like an idiot because he's not even here but let that serve as a little lesson to anyone who might have an attitude like James The Composer

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Who revived this thread... Nekofrog, what'd you do something like that for? Your an ass :tomatoface:.

Yeah, and Jabond, don't go posting the guy's stuff just so we can make fun of it - even if the guy was stuck up it's unethical. I actually saw him around in the original WIP forum and the stuff he posted wasn't half bad (although due to the variance in the styles I'm not completely sure most of it was his :|). Let this thread be ignored into obscurity, please.

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