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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN!!! Fan Art Competition 24: LucasArts Adventure Games


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Wow congrats Rama, guess all those art classes are paying off. Also the mental image of Hoagie saying "It's-a me, Mario" is pretty hilarious.

And rawr @ Razor.

When I was thinking about what to do, and going over characters from Maniac Mansion / DotT I couldn't get the idea of out my head of Hoagie being Mario, Bernard being Luigi, Laverne being Peach, and even Purple Tentacle as a sort of Lakitu. I'm kind of planning a series of pictures, but I haven't gotten any other real work done.

Even funnier, me and starla made out entries together, and while she was here once we both finished, I had to play through DotT so she could actually understand the art style/character, and then she did the same for Maniac Mansion with me =P

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I was wanting to do something from Loom. It was going to be Bobbin Threadbare looking all menacing, pointing his distaff at the viewer, with the caption, "I'm Bobbin Threadbare. You are NOT my mother."

Congrats Rama!

I wanted to too.

I think I'll keep working on my idea though.

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