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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Dopple Boppler

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I can't wait to get the game

(unlike the other "so called" Pokemon fans I will get this game)

I have played from start and still going.

although I wouldn't mind if the made a game were you can travel all the regions and collect all the badges and pokemon with out collecting like 5 different games

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But they will never do that. It's completely against the entire point of the series. Being able to get all of anything in one game is like having Sonic walk around real slow, or Mario not eating mushrooms and fireflowers to not rescue Princess Peach. It's the basic foundation of the series to not be able to get everything in one go. Trading was, and still is, the integral idea behind it.

But there is a new commercial at http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/hgss/special/movie.html

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Well I'll be damned. From what I gather, there'll be a new movie with a chance to get Arceus onto your new little remake. Also, holy crap it seems like the first Pokemon in your party, whoever it is, will be the one following you everywhere. Sweet

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I'll be playing the Japanese Soul Silver when it hits.

Having spent six weeks of this summer in Japan, my skill in the language has dramatically improved, so I don't think that will be an issue, considering how easy it is to play Platinum in Japanese now (only significant stumbling block is the move names).

So I'll have info straight outta the game very close to the Japanese release.

By the way, the part of the commercial that referenced Arceus, here's a rough translation

(Big text) This summer in theaters!!

(voice) This summer in theaters, let's get the pokemon Arceus!

(text) Let's get Arceus in theaters!

(image showing Arceus being downloaded to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, then getting transferred to HeartGold/SoulSilver)

(text) Transfer that Arceus to HeartGold/SoulSilver and...

(voice) If you bring that Arceus to HeartGold/SoulSilver, summon the god and you can do a secret objective concerning the creation of Pokemon!

(image text in game) Soul (Probably the player's name) got Dialga!

(image showing giratina, dialga, and palkia)

(image text) You can do a secret creation objective!

The movie is coming out this summer, and the games are coming out in the fall (the commercial made a big deal about how that they're now taking preorders, though), so my guess is that you HAVE to trade Arceus from D/P/P to get it into HG/SS unless they do more promos after the launch.

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Well, in the GB, GBC and even the GBA games, it kind of made sense. I recall the old RBY games had a few events... and by that, I mean you just did a straight trade with another cartridge. That's now I got my Mew from Toy r Us.

Crystal in Japan had that wacky cell phone add-on that the Japanese players could use to get Celebi. And the GBA games had a few tricks, namely the E-Reader card to get to Southern Island to catch the other Lati@s your version didn't normally have.

The point was that it was difficult to set up any kind of region, nation or continent-wide event simply because in North America, the population is much bigger and mush more spread out.

But with the DS being able to go online, and the much touted wi-fi this and that, there's no reason why players can't get any of the events at all. They already have the system in place to download items and pokémon to games, regardless of the version (except for the Secret Room Key for Rotom's other formes in Platinum). In this day and age, there's no real limitations for the series anymore.

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I've gotten the key for the rotom room (got platinum for my birthday :D) but, I don't know of anything else I can unlock without having to physically go to a movie,or toys r us.

Well, that was the first one with which they used the Nintendo WFC distribution in the USA. Japanese players have gotten quite a few more wifi events since then, though.

In fact, since I have a Japanese version of Pearl, I was able to download that Jirachi they gave out recently. I just have to go pick it up at the Pokemart.

No idea why they sleep on the English fans.. We make them so much more money.

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Virtual Boy says hi.

Oh, and look! There's the N64DD. And who's that behind him? Is that... yes, I think it is, it's "the decision to stick with cartridges instead of CDs", and his brother, "Tell Sony to screw off and let them make the Playstation".

Hold on, I want to call up GameBoy Micro and see if he's free for a get-together.

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