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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Dopple Boppler

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Yeah, the new artwork is kind of... dodgey.

Sabrina lost the awesome bodysuit and gloves, the long hair, and that "I'm fucking levitating because I can" feel, and now has a cheap pink one piece blouse, puffed up short hair and some sort of giant bracelets that would make Yugi Moto jealous.

You look at any of the other Gym Leader art, and while they have some new clothes, they still look like they did in the last few games.

I prefer old Sabrina. She was more confident looking. The new design makes her look like you challenged her at the local bar.

EDIT: For comparison, check out the sprite from all four generations:






Fire Red and Leaf Green


Heart Gold and Soul Silver

(stupid 4 image limit...)

That's quite a difference. I think only Blaine took as big a character design change, but you can still tell it's him, even if he is dressed up like a barbershop quartet member. Sabrina looks like a different character altogether.

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