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Majoras Mask - Last Day (Remix)

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We need more remixes from this game dudes...

I've been working on this mix for only 2 days, so I'm not done yet, but I think I'm off to a good start.

This is a remix of the song played on the Last Day or doomsday for the inhabitants of Termina.

You know...when the people look up and say "oh shit the moons falling," that's when the scary/awesome song starts playing. I thought this game was better than Ocarina of Time, epic game!

Six Hours n' Counting (Last Day Remix)

I promise to work on this until it just kick ass with sad and scariness.

Anyways thanks for listening critique is definitely welcome.


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I like this.

I would share your string line with other orchestral instruments. I would also get an ethereal choir in there, esp. on the drum parts.

Engineering crit.

Your strings are harsh on the their mid-hi's (1kHz - 4kHz) give a nice soft bump down there (0.5dB to about 3dB), they're just ringing in my ear to hard.

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We need more remixes from this game dudes...

I thought the same thing....I'm still waiting for mine to be judged =P I submitted on May 29th for a remix of Call of the 4 giants (Oath to order) and Stone Tower. They are only up to April 21st in the judging though currently, so I still got some waiting =/

Sounds good though man, very clean and elegant, production is excellent like everyone else has said. Can't wait for you to kick it up and get intense with the "scary" part. I know everytime I was playing that game and that last day mode kicked in I'd always feel like I was in a rush and pressed for time.....I should be able to mute the soundtrack, play the game, listen to yours on the last day and feel the same way! (no pressure!) :D

Good luck

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You'll be happy to hear I'm working on an MM remix too. :D

Great percussion, but the strings aren't quite on the same elvel, not sure why. Also sounds like the whole thing is panned left because the mid-range strings are there and there's nothing in that range to balance it up with. The low strings seem to have some auto-pan on them, moving left and right all the time. That's a little annoying.

Around half way through I recognize a source I tried remixing when i first came to ocr. The first half of the arrangement doesn't sound familiar at all. If there's source in there you're probably in the green, but if not this might be looking at a NO for lack of source.

Still, this is an amazing piece, far better than the thing I did back whenever. Fix our problems with it and sub it when it's ready. :D

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Very epic. But some high frequencies need attention and should be toned down a bit.. mostly in the strings. Give the bass drum things some more.. bass. Though not too much.. dont smother the mix.

I like this. I wait for a finished product anxiously. :P

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