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DKC "No Title Yet"


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During a trip to the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, I couldn't help but think about that damn Fear Factory theme from DKC. I was stuck in my head, so I had to try remixing it before I went crazy.

This is a sample of what I came up with.


I am working on filling out some of the empty spots and adding more variation on the pads in the background.

This is the original posted on YouTube.


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Very nice intro, especially with the percussion. Though i can barely tell that it's Fear Factory, sounds more like Winky's Mines =l

Oh wait I hear the source tune now. Well in either case, this is pretty hawt, not sure on how to crit it cuz to me this seems fine; other than it needs to be longer :<

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The arrangement at this point is already very good; I could tell the source was present throughout but it was interpreted and unique at the same time.

The guitar playing at the beginning sounded too fake when it hit certain notes, but the rest of the instruments (especially the flute) were top-notch.

Great start, you'd better finish/sub this! :-D

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