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OCR01138 - Donkey Kong Country 2 "Forest Birdcussion"


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I agree with several people who have posted already on this song. You can't not listen to it. You also can't stop listening to it, or fail to take notice of it when it does play :D

The first time I listened to the song the pauses in the melody nearly drove me crazy, but then I couldn't stop repushing the play button on the song again and again. :D

Awesome work. Pure and simple. :)

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You know what...strike that last comment I made. It is annoyingly good in the best way haha. I listened a second time and now I have to download it. It's very chill and can actually somewhat be romantic. It'll clear your head and calm you down and get you motivated all at the same time. So scratch the last comment. I typed too soon. smh.:tomatoface:

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