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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN!!! Fan Art Competition 29: WTF


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Hey, where's entry number 4?

Before I vote, I feel like I should ask how #5 fits in with the theme.

In Super Mario World, the backgrounds in cave levels are made up of those fingery things.

Man, I most definitely do not wanna see that finished product...

I was originally going to do Link on a hand/horse, or a mounted WC2 or WC3 Death Knight, but I didn't feel like it. Seriously, all the real entries blow my idea out of the water!

(darn, I should've done Ganondorf on a horse! :puppyeyes:)

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Whoopsy daisies, was looking at my tallies of the votes again and realized that I gave entries 1, 5, and 6, ten more points than they actually received. Doesn't change the final rankings, but I thought you all should know that I don't know what my own tally marks add up to.

So, fixed the first post with the correct pointage.


In more exciting and less embarrassing news, Chiral came up with an awesome idea to help support participation in the competition. Out of the participants that made entries, there would be a random winner who would receive a gift art prize. The gift art prize would be made by volunteers (and here's where I ask if any of you guys would be willing to volunteer to make gift art), and could be a small drawing or sketch that the random winner requests.

Chiral and I would be willing to volunteer; would anyone else be up for that? Does anyone else think this is a good idea? :)

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Sounds interesting..... I like it!

Chiral and I would be willing to volunteer; would anyone else be up for that?

I'd be willing to volunteer, but it depends completely on what the request is. It might work best if we hear the request, and then whoever wants to do it the most gets to do it (but of course that can't stop other people from making their own too!)

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If I end up as the random giftart winner, I'd probably ask for a doodle since I don't really care xD

But Chiral you won't this FAC, you should be the one deciding what's next month's theme :o

xD kk...I'll throw darts at the ideas I have or something, lol.

I should so go to bed. *falls over*

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