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Sonic 3 Final Boss WIP


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Okay so I've worked really hard to try to remake the project file. I have some new instruments that I'm incorporating and I tried to fix some of the balance issues and make it less muddy.

Actually, I did submit this one before and it got rejected. I can keep trying on this one and resubmit it, right?

Anyway, here's what I have so far. Sound similar?


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I love that intro synth. The midi guitar is a little hard to listen too, but that's only cause i play guitar and i can hear the difference. Its more of personal gripe, lol. The notes and EQ are all decent though for the guitar. When the tempo picks up around 1:11, that piano that's panned both way is kinda loud that overpowers some of the other instruments. Everything seems pretty well distributed across the soundscape and the drum n bass beat is nice and not too repetitive. That sudden stop at 1:57 is pretty unpleasant. I think maybe ending on a bass kick with a cymbal crash and then bringing the piano in might help solve that a little. The piano sounds pretty good though.

The only thing about the drums that's bugging me is when the bass kicks it seems to disort just ever so slightly. Maybe lowering the lows on the EQ just one notch should help fix that. Or you could also try lowering the volumes of all the tracks one or two notches to help that problem too. Sometimes when the volumes are all too high they cause that problem.

Its definitely an interesting take on the source and i think its pretty decent. You seem to have a good hold on what you want you the track to sound like and everything is very well spread out. Can't wait to hear your next update.

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You can resubmit music as much as you'd like, just be sure that there's some real substantial improvement on the track if it was rejected without going to the panel, since that generally means it has a long way to go.

Now that I'm here, I guess there's no harm in taking a look at it, here...

My guess is that your e-mail looked a little like this...

Originally posted by Overclocked Remix

While your submission is appreciated, after initial review OverClocked ReMix has decided not to post it or forward it to the judges panel in its present form.

There are several common reasons why submissions might not make it to OCR's next stage of evaluation (bolded & italicized if applicable to this submission):

the arrangement is merely a MIDI or game music format file assigned new instruments and/or given added effects

the arrangement is not different enough (e.g. structure, tempo, instrumentation) from the original game music

the arrangement is too texturally sparse, too underdeveloped and/or too repetitive

the sound quality (e.g. sample quality, sequencing, mixing, processing, recording) is poor

the writing or performance quality (e.g. frequent clashing or wrong notes, mismatched key signatures, sloppy timing) is poor

Less common reasons include (bolded if applicable to this submission):

extensive direct sampling of the original game music audio

extensive incorporation of non-game music or lyrics (e.g. mainstream, classical, etc.)

arranging music that was not originally created for a video game

the arrangement bears little resemblance to the original game music

creating a track out of sound effects

creating an entirely original track that in no way arranges game music

For more clarification, please read OCR's Submission Standards, located at http://ocremix.org/info/Submission_Standards_and_Instructions. To get a better feel for OCR's arrangement and production standards, we recommend listening to what's currently posted on the main page.

Provided that your submission is a genuinely interpretive arrangement, if you would like to work on this ReMix to improve it, we recommend that you post it in the Post Your Game ReMixes forum at http://ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=16 for further community feedback. Getting feedback there may help you should you decide to resubmit your track in the future.

You can also check out our Music Composition & Production forum at http://ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=12 for technical advice. Judges panel decisions, which are often helpful in seeing the criteria used for the next stage of evaluation, can also be viewed at http://ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=15.

The important thing is not to be discouraged. Whether it be a revised version of this submission or a brand new submission, we look forward to hearing your work in the future.


OverClocked ReMix


That's my guess, and here's why.

The samples you've used (particularly the 'real' instruments) just don't cut it, as they are. They just sound too fake, overall - the strange string swells, the hard reverse cymbal, the static piano, bells, etc.. I don't think it's something you can fake by messing with the attacks, delays and volumes, either, since the samples sound pretty fake. Get some new samples (I'm sure there are some free samples out there that could work better than you've got here).

After that fact, the production is pretty sloppy. There's just too much going on in the soundscape throughout - it creates all sorts of hard clipping (that's the constant 'fuzz' that we're hearing, there), You need to clean out the instruments that don't need to be there and open up the space better.

The mids on the master track seem exceptionally high throughout, amplifying your soundscape problem. Turn the mids down, raise the highs a hair and it'll clean up the sound considerably.

The drums are too... repetitive. They need to vary far more than they do, now.

The arrangement, while it DOES have a few interesting and neat original ideas throughout, overall it's just too close to the source. I'd say it's at about 15-85 ratio, when it comes to original vs source. This site looks more for roughly 30-70 to 50-50, in it's mix (the numbers are made up, but work well as a rule of thumb, here). You need to mix up the source material a bit more to make it here on OCR.

It needs quite a bit of work, but that's not to say I didn't enjoy it. It's actually pretty neat, with the orchestra + guitar. It's just not there yet. If you want to go for it, there's a good place to start again. With enough work OCR will accept a resubmission - look at Black Panther's recent track and realize it's a double resubmission, there. He got rejected TWICE before it was finally posted.

May his determination be an inspiration to us all. Good luck with it :wink:.

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Spoken like a true pro Gario. I must say, I think the drums did well for the track. Everything else I completely agree with. Mids sound a bit too pronounced, and highs are probably lacking a little. The constant mild clip action is a bit unnerving to hear. The cymbal patch you're using for your swells sounds off. I would choose a higher "pitched" cymbal. The guitar setting is a little "tough" for the rest of the track. It's like having a super trash metal setting thrown in with bright pianos and soft synths. I was a Huge fan of the tempo builds when used. They created a good amount of tension without have to add instrumentation (great idea). All and all, don't feel bad about the track rejection. I have a track waiting to get rejected as well. If I didn't think the potential was there, I wouldn't post at all. Keep at it.

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Actually, it did get to the panel, and I subsequently posted the most recent version of my remix (posted near the top of page 6). I appreciate all of your help and I will do my best to sort out all of its current issues whenever I decide to pick it back up!

Also, I'm really bad at deciding which instruments need to leave once I've put them in. But I'll use my judgement and try to clean it up a bunch.

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