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OCR01923 - Xenogears "Daijiru (Too Hot for Clothes)"


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I'll be honest and say I couldn't listen to this at first, but then I got over it and decided to give it a listen...

And I'm glad I did. I wish I could go back in time and slap some sense into myself to listen to this track sooner. :oops:

When the moaning came in, I actually laughed and said "Hey, this isn't actually all that bad!"

What else can I say? It's hot, it's sexy, it's funny, and it's by AnSo and Avaris.

... That being said, I still feel slightly ashamed listening to this.

My work here is done.

... Congrats then, you crazy Sweede :tomatoface:

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Oh.....oh my. Now, every so often I come across a ReMix that goes to the realm of hot and dirty, and this is one of those ones. Love the use of the hentai samples in this exotic sounding ReMix. Probably not a ReMix I want to be playing with certain people around for obvious reasons, but myself, I thoroughly enjoy this catchy erotic song.

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Uh oh... I feel so... Uhhh... :oops:  I'm a bit confused with those samples, haha. But hey, let's be honest - they make this track really good ;) The Middle Eastern atmosphere is represented pretty nicely here, though I still can't get this weird combo of dirty samples and hot atmosphere. Wait... Dirty and hot. Oh, I think I just say that I enjoyed this track.

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So I really need to get back into commenting on tracks; even just to try to just share the love and try not to be as cringe-worthy as I was those years back. And so of course I chose the song with the most downright sexual instrument I could... that bass is downright explicit! That intro; with the emphasis on the upright bass? Oh my; there's more than pillars of salt rising from that. :P

Jokes and puns aside; this really does deserve a touch more attention than it's received over the years. Yes; it has H-samples in it. But would the song be the same without them? Would any other instrument bring that surprise factor? Honestly; with repeated listens, I don't think I could argue any other instrument would work in their place. The "melody" line they play isn't really something you'd get a woodwind instrument to play, and there's no drum that comes to mind that fits with this style of music that can replicate that kind of noise.

Aside for that first intro at :34, the "moans" aren't even all that exposed (Heh), with a role partway between a percussive instrument and a lead line. They play with that bass and the heavily Middle Eastern sound, becoming another piece of the auditory soundscape. And as I said, I really, REALLY love that bass. Which is unfortunate, since I'm not allowed to have my bass up high or subwoofer on most of the time. That funky rhythm, those dirty note-slides, it's got real skill in it.

Guess this shows the world that there's more uses for the adult animation audio than just meat-beating.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01923 - Xenogears "Daijiru (Too Hot for Clothes)"

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