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New Years Resolutions 2010

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I did forget one specific resolution of mine...

...organize a set of songs to play with people who I know will be at MAG next year so we can all rock out. Time to start forming diabolical plans, heh heh heh.

That's kind of similar to the refinement of one of my resolutions... It was originally just to get better at the ocarina, but I think my benchmark will be if I'll get good enough to actually perform... like at JamSpace. KF

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At least someone wants me to go!

Edit: LMAO Sailor Jewbei

That someone being me goddamnit.


OH YEAH, and my resolution = Lose those 10 lbs. that I gained over Christmas Break, holy shit. You can tell from my facebook photos in early December - now lol.

And five more for good measure too :J

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Ah, so I suppose that I learned guitar, as many aspire or have aspired to do, but I will remain a novice until I improve. Also, I don't actually own my own home, but I no longer live with my mother, so that counts. I have accomplished more than I believed that I would, such as moving to Las Vegas and seeing a lot of you OCRers for a second time. I still have yet to become famous, and honestly, I do not know if I want to be. Maybe, just maybe, but it seems like a battle in order to have such a status in a respectable sense. Besides, I need to improve, musically and otherwise.

Now, for next-year resolutions... I'll have to think.

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