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Steam Holiday Sale

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When Wes, Halt, and Tom visited me and FireSlash at Skyline Chili on their way to MAG, I printed out the day's daily deals for them.

Here's my haul, in inverse order of when I got them.

For myself - 11 games for ~$33:

Braid - $2.50

Defense Grid - $2.50

Max Payne 1

-and 2 - $3.75

Osmos - $2

Sid Meier's Civ 4 Collection - $13.60

-Beyond the Sword



Jade Empire - $3.75

Torchlight - $5

Gifts - 8 games for ~$35:

Torchlight - $5

Mass Effect - $5

Star Wars Premier Pack (6 games?)- $25

Not on this list are the games I got for Christmas, Shattered Horizons and the Star Wars Jedi Knight Pack. I will never ask for STEAM games again for Christmas because everything is 75% off a few days later. Maybe they'll have STEAM gift cards by then?

Also, I find it surprising that I actually spent more on gifts than for myself. It was just easier to buy a $5 game for someone than try to tell them, "OMG GET ON STEAM RIGHT NOW THIS GAME YOU NEED IS ON SALE BUT ONLY FOR A FEW MORE HOURS GO GO GO!!"

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Aliens Versus Predator. The first one. The one that was actually scary to play as a marine.

They updated it for modern systems, and they're going to patch it and include online multiplayer through Steam.

It's only like, 5 bucks.

Come on, that game scared the shit out of me when I played it years ago. Being a marine was constant fear and terror, knowing that you were alone and everything was there to kill you.

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