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Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart - History

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I like hearing that you will be doing moar. :-)

And yeah, Kate turned in a WAV! Hooray!

Badass! If what everyone's said about it is true, then we're in for a treat.

Just gotta pull myself away from Icewind Dale and get some work done for everything :grin:

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Hey so... I'm uploading the album right now...   I've been working on my directors comments for the upcoming release, check it out:   Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry so

Black Mage Village is about 90% (just waiting on ProtoSax and then making a final mix)

I want to claim another song but I thought I'd put it up to a vote to keep things fresh. If anyone wants to suggest something (out of the tracks that remain) I'm open to it :-)

Then again some of these tracks are a bit on the lame side, maybe there should be a discussion as to certain ones which could possibly perish. :-o

Out of what's left I am enjoying

Steiner's Theme as a possible orchestration,

One Problem Solved is very Maroon5-ish,

Heart of Melting Magic acoustic guitar + scoring strings,

Fairy Battle as electronica, but I'm not sure if ProtoDome has already claimed this one

Unfathomed Reminiscence could also be electronica

also i have yet to do a vocal track :<

Out of the bunch I'm definitely leaning towards Steiner as an orchestration (I've always loved that piece) but like I said I'll leave it open for suggestions, and wait to hear from Fishy even :-)

Of course I'd do Song of Memories in a heartbeat but Fishy has other plans for it :tomatoface:

I also like Weuber but it would almost have to be synth-laden metal

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Hey guys,

My sincerest apologies for my recent absences, having a tricky couple of months and haven't been online nearly enough. I'll be shortly sending out update requests from everyone and make sure we're moving. At last check I had 22 wavs so we're definitely moving along.

Unfortunately the project queue does look quite long, and there's nothing I can really do about that. Nonetheless we shall endevour to get this done in epic style.

Hey Fishy, is there any hope for a track preview?

Like, a mix of segments from other songs that have been finished, to give us an idea of what to look forward towards?

They're probably be the usual trailer but much closer to the release time.

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Yeah, MMX and DKC3 is almost 10 hours of music not just for the staff to evaluate, but also for the fans and people listening to digest. That'll take a fair deal of time I think on both counts. XD

As for me like I said I'm up for starting a new remix, and blackmage village is good, just waiting for sax

I'll do fairy battle if that is open, or maybe there's something more urgent you'd like to suggest? D:

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Hey hows it going guys, im typically a lurker when it comes the forums and just glance about but i think it would be pretty sweet to contribute to this epic en devour =3

I do digital painting and would like to do some art for the album when i get some free time. Curious to know how i should send any art for the project and ofcourse if thats cool with you guys :3

Either way can't wait to hear this album when it finally gets finished whenever that may be!!!

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Ah the scoop went missing. I've spoke to the staff dudes the other day to work out when we can realistically expect the current project queue to die down, and it's hopefully early 2012. I'll probably be setting a final deadline somewhere near new year so that we can be ready and evaluated in time for that, which is a good few months for all you busy people to polish up.

When I say final deadline, I'm not going to be thwarted by the project queue undermining my efforts this time :P. We're totally in the queue for reals finally.

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