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Server Migration Complete! Thanks LiquidWeb!

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Our forums were down for a bit the last two nights, and I didn't post any mixes, but there was a good reason: we just completed our server migration. Some pics:


The guys at LiquidWeb (thanks Tony & Dennis!) are awesome, making the impact minimal and the transition rather seamless. Heck, we even upgrading to MySQL 5.1 and added a couple PHP extensions while we were at it.

This upgrade was a big part of our master plan to rule the universe, etc. and it's fantastic that we've knocked it out so early in 2010, building a foundation for steadily increasing the awesome the other eleven months. We got several large donations this month that completely covered the migration fee, so a big thanks there - this box is dedicated to you!

Roughly speaking, it's four times faster, has five times the space (more or less), and three times the memory. As our astute Twitter followers pointed out, that's SIXTY TIMES THE AWESOME. Runs faster than

, crystal meth, etc. Bottom line, site should be a little faster now, but more importantly, it shouldn't get slower as we continue to pile on more stuffs. Moment of silence for the old server - it did what it did well, for over three years. Respect.

Nuff said.

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