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Pokémon Black/White: V-Create Victini on Nintendo WiFi until Dec 31st!

The Damned

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Meh. Voice actress blogs about something she may not really know anything about, and then they have to pull it because she's giving out false info. Or she's right, and they pulled it because they didn't want to release that info yet.

Or, they set it up so it looks like it was an unintended leak.

Either way, nothing really important. Typings and that are secondary to things like the plot, a map of the new region, maybe some more footage of new areas... As soon as the game starts publishing, someone will leak the ROM and then we'll find out every pokemon type and name in a few hours.

You might think typings are secondary, but if it is an electric/dragon type the competitive players are probably going to have a field day with it, even despite it likely being placed in ubers.

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If I had a good picture of bleck, I would shop it onto the boxart.

Sadly, no one seems to have a picture of him. I suspect he is actually a bot. The world's most advanced bot, yes, but all he does is troll. And when you say "troll", the bot activates a plug-in that tries to make a come-back about people using the word are trolls, or something. It has a list of pre-made sentences it goes through, so each use is different from the other.

Like I said, it's an advanced bot.

It's a wonderful piece of software that is used for the wrong thing.

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OK, since the most recent info negates pretty much all of the stuff I wrote before, I decided to just delete it and post what we got so far.

First, we have this announcement from Game Freak, the makers of the Pokémon series. Now, they deal strictly with the core series, the RPGs spanning from Red, Blue and Yellow, to the most recent ones, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. This means that this isn't going to be a new Ranger game, nor a new Mystery Dungeon game. Those titles are made by two other companies. That means this announcement is about a new core title.

Notice it lists the system as the DS. Not the DSi, nor a new Nintendo portable. This is significant because all of Nintendo's handhelds have had a new Pokémon generation for themselves.* Having the next gen come out on the current hardware is a first for the series, and may indicate any number of things: Nintendo isn't coming out with a DS successor anytime soon, they see upcoming slumps in DS sales and a new Pokémon game would counter that, or maybe some other reason. Who knows at this point?

So far, we only have one new piece of art. It was announced on Feb 6th, on the Japanese TV show Pokémon Sunday. Pokémon Sunday is an hour-long show where they air old episodes and showcase new info on the series, by it games or movies or any of the related merchandise. The new pic is just a silhouette so far, but at least it proves that this will be a new game, and not a remake or a 4th gen spin-off. Pokémon series director Junichi Masuda made an appearnce in a video clip, and help up a poster, shown below.


The only thing we know about this new Pokémon is that it is going by the name "Z" in the next movie. Said movie will follow the long-standing tradition of starring new pokémon from the upcoming games in an important part.

Other than that, we don't know anything about the next generation of games. No titles have been announced, nor any other images.

Until later this year, it seems like we won't be seeing much of it. Expect it to be months between new bits if info, and sketchy ones a that.

*Some would argue that the Game Boy Color is the same as the Game Boy, but it's not. The Color had a faster processor, more system RAM, an infrared port for wireless communication (hey, two inches apart is still wireless), and other features and specs that differentiate it from its predecessor.

Black and White are supposed to have special features on the 3DS and DSi. They are also supposed to work on the DSi, 3DS, DS PHAT and Ds Lite.

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