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Virtual GBX - Java-based online Gameboy Emulator

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My friend Jamie, who created, has recently unleashed the beta of his java-based Gameboy emulator website! You can play the games directly in your browser (from the selection of donated and site-acquired games, you can only play games they have in their game warehouse due to legality reasons INSERT OBLIGATORY DONATION PLUG). It's pretty sweet from the small selection they have already, though a few games are a bit buggy and whatnot, but it's starting strong and has a lot of growth ahead.

Check it out here:

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I remember waaaay back in Jr. High there was a site with a Java Gameboy emulator that could be played from a web browser.

Spent lots of time playing Zelda in one of my computer classes.

Can't remember what ever happened to it, I suppose it was taken down because the website had romz.

EDIT: OH Noes! My keyboard doesn't let me press enough buttons! No save & quit escape for me.


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