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FAC - RESULTS ARE IN! Fan Art Competition 33: Free For All


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fuckkkkkk i messed up

I forgot about one person's entry, which I will be immediately adding to the list of entries. If you have already voted, I apologize, but I must ask you to revote, taking the now complete list of entries in consideration.

My apologies to you guys, and especially to the person whose entry I forgot :(

Voting will be extended to SUNDAY APRIL 4TH.

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oh, i didn't know photobucket did that. know another photosharing website that would be better?

also, i only have one thing to say about the winning entry:


If you want, I could set you up with an FTP account on thasauce for FAC :o

it'd be like...


or even http://fac.thasauce.net/

or something like that.

Then you could just make folders per month or whatev.

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