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OCR TF2: Stab stab stab!


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I've been on the receiving end of a few people who seem to be able to use the Backburner far better than I can, but that's definitely more the exception than the rule. Being able to extinguish teammates and/or protect Engy setups from Demospam is a huge plus.

Also, don't look now, but Portal 2 is officially up for pre-order. Anyone have a spare $45? :P

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Required updates for Team Fortress 2 are now available. The specific changes include:

Source Engine Changes (CS:S, DoD:S, TF2, HL2:DM)

- Updated the version check when connecting to a server to indicated whether the server's version of the game is older or newer than the client's version when they're different.

Team Fortress 2

- Made Bill's Hat always tradable.

- Fixed a client crash caused by malformed custom client spray.

- Added a Red team skin to the Fists of Steel.

- Fixed melee attacks not destroying remote detonation pipes.

- Added the Rimmed Raincatcher to the list of Unusual hats.

- Fixed the Stickybomb Launcher viewmodel sleeves using the wrong team colors for team Blue.

- Fixed players getting set bonuses applied on tournament servers when the server is restricting the player's weapons using the item_whitelist.

- Updated CP_Thundermountain

---- Updated the final stage to have the train begin receding after 15 seconds.

---- Reduced the cart speed on the final two ramps in the final stage to 1/2 normal speed.

Servers have been updated and restarted.

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I'm intrigued by the Thunder Mountain changes. Come to think of it, I'm not sure if the final stage is biased towards RED or BLU. I've seen both sides win handily there.

Yeah, that should be interesting. Most of the time I've played there, BLU seems to wind up winning; I think the first two stages are much easier to defend, compared to the third stage's relatively non-linear layout.

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Assuming that there are 3 Heavies on a cart it is possible to completely kill them with multiple scenarios. Assuming even numbers, 2 Demos + a Medic would do nicely as would 2 Soldiers + a Medic. The key is to keep at mid range where minigun damage is less than that of explosives. Another simple tactic is 2 distractions plus a Sniper/Spy. It is important to note that more than one of these will lead to failure as these classes rely on a powerful core to work effectively.

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Clearly the solution is a sentry gun. :P

However, we can keep going on and on with what-ifs. 3 heavies alone are vulnerable to all sorts of situations depending on what the other team has.

On another note, I've updated pl_swiftwater on the server to frc16 (was frc14).

Not that we ever play it, which is a shame, because I think it's a pretty good payload map.

TF2 Beta has had some minor tweaks, mostly stuff that was implemented wrong in the last beta update (i.e. Soliders still calling out "MEDIC!" with the Equalizer even though it doesn't appear on the Medic's HUD).

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