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Heroes of Newerth Thread 2: Electrician Boogaloo. Now Free to play!


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http://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/showthread.php?t=92475 More news about open beta. Once closed beta ends, if you prepurchase, you will no longer get the golden shield and the ability to taunt/smackdown.


Nighthound in a competitive game, what? Also, Chu` getting DESTROYED in mid.


chu` cried for your sins.

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he is arguing about whether or not games should be balanced for competitive or public play

He's saying that games should be balanced for competitive play because a lot of what pubs think is overpowered is simply them not knowing what the hell it is.

I think that making a game not fun until you're good at it is always a terrible design choice, and I think that zircon agrees, as he goes on to say that the balance fixes should not be nerfs or buffs, but instead things that make it easier to get good at the game without having to play it for a million billion hours.

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It's not necessarily that you have to be 'good' at it, it's more that the game should be balanced on the assumption that the players know the 'rules'. If you walk into a Goomba in Super Mario Bros., you could say it's unfair that you died, because you didn't know walking into something had that effect. Goomba's should not be nerfed just because of this.

Heroes of Newerth is of course a bit different because it has a lot more of these 'rules' (i.e. having to memorize skills for 60 heroes, as well as the effects of a number of items). I think that's the point zircon is trying to make. :P

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