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First post on ocremix :3


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lol, this is definitely an interesting track. Certainly not bad, for a first post :P.

I don't mind the synth as much, but it would probably be better to use a synth that isn't as dirty there (and bring it in at 0:55, for the shock value).

The production could use less compression, since a lot of sound is getting lost in the mix, there.

Otherwise, nice catchy track. Can't complain about it, much - nice work.

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Hey what´s up Ruka, your song it´s good, my only advice for you it´s change the style in the soundcloud the Drum Pattern of that song it´s close to a Breakbeat or Big Beat track, and it´s not a Drum and Bass.

The arrangement it´s good, what kind of DAW and Vst Plugin you used in that track?


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Used FL Studio, Massive(<3) and some drum samples.

the 8bit was the initpatch from massive.(where I get the inspiration) :3

But I have the problem of short tracks.. 1:22min is long compared with my other works.

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