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Does anybody know what game this image is from?


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yeah seriously dude

this guy called "overswarm" made this puzzle

and one of the hints is this image. it's retarded >__< 6 different people doing this puzzle are stuck on the part with this image

it's supposed to be very obvious + from a game. you can tilt your monitor sideways/turn your head etc.

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i feel dumb now xD

i didn't play zelda 1 but i did play alttp, didn't finish it but i was careful enough not to die actually o_o

Don't feel dumb. I've never played a Zelda game... period. So the image was pretty unknown to me. But I'll pretend otherwise and say, "OMG GUYZ I NEW WUT IT WUZ B4 IT WUZ POSTED! WUT TOOK U GUYZ SO LONG?! LOL!!!!!shift+one"

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