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The Rap Remix List


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Thanks for all the replies. Since I figure others have probably wondered how many rap remixes are on the site, I'll compile the list in this post for all to reference. The list can even expand into any rap remix from any site or individual. Feel free to post links to any VG rap you find, or just comments/corrections to this list.

* not predominately rap

OC ReMixes (chronological)

Team Gato *

Niggaz 4 Life

Knuckles' Unknown From M.C.

I Got the Space Beam

Invertebrate Retreat *

Memories Frozen In Time

Da Black Market

Lover Reef * (very short section)

Smooth Delivery

Oil Ocean (WT-40 Mix)

Keep Out the Veldt

No Hope *

Link to the Mask *

Rhymes With Elixer

Trapped in the Minds

OCR Album Exclusives

Spittin' Narcissism


STFU (Star Salzman)

Stone, Paper, Scissors (Ralph Vickers, The Grand Robot Master Remix Battle: Revenge Round 1)

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