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Games that haven't aged well


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You do realize that the slow, clunky features you're complaining about is purely because of loading the actual animations off the disc and nothing else, right? It's not like Square designed it that way on purpose; that's just how it worked out in the end.

You're saying that as though they had no idea they were going to release it for the PSX. It worked out that way in the end because they either saw it as a worthwhile sacrifice for the graphics/animations, or because of profoundly poor planning. It doesnt particularly matter to me either way, because it ends up doing the same thing: making the game age badly.

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Anybody play Mark of Kri? I admit I never played it when it was released, but I bought it last year and gave it a try. It was... clunky, dark, and muddy. I remember reading reviews about its awesome disney-like animation and brutal combat... But that was pre-God of War. Playing it today, it feels very stiff and bland.

The way it did cutscenes was pretty schwing, though. Or would that be schway? schwell? schweet? Eh, you get the idea.

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I got Mark of Kri for the art design alone and went in about two hours before I decided everything was just a series of gimmicks.

Eh... maybe I am just impatient.

I got to level 2. You, sir, are far more patient than I. It bothered be that Rei was a silent protagonist.

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