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*NO - djpretzel VETO* Final Fantasy 7 'Melancholy Thicket'

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ReMixer name- Crimson

Real name- Calbert Warner

email address- calbyjay@hotmail.com

User id- 32017

game arranged- Final Fantasy 7

individual song arranged- Forested Temple

Composer Nubuo Uematsu

additional information

One of my personal favorites from Final Fantasy 7. I figure I would try to come up with my own interpretation if the song. I decided to do a piano solo for this piece. I also aimed to focus on the ominous and sad mood of the piece I hope you enjoy.



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I think the feeling you were going for in the arrangement is very nicely done. The overall track has that feeling of regret and a bit of foreboding that works really well with the melody. The flow works well, with plenty of ritardandos and returns to the original tempos. The playing itself is also very expressive, although I think the quiet sections could have been a bit lower.

What's bothering me is that some of the note choices aren't catching me the right way. Nothing sticks out as obviously wrong, but sometimes it just doesn't feel like it's as good of a match as it should be. I don't think it's enough of an issue to break the vote, but it's a bit of a detraction from the mix at times which is unfortunate.

I am still comfortable giving this a YES. Good luck with the rest of the votes.

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I thought the left hand was a little overpowering, but there were some nice ideas sprinkled throughout, and there was a lot of rubato, which kept it interesting even though it was a ton of cycling arpeggios. The pacing was good, though I did feel it ran a little long, but there was variation on the theme in subtle ways.

Overall I feel this is good but not great, but it's above the bar. You've lent some additional drama to the track, and the additions are nice. My main qualm is just the overly-strong left hand playing. It was varied and finished nicely, so i'm cool passing it. :-)


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Hmm, a close call. I like the arrangement, it's pretty intelligently written. The plays on the source are creative, it maintains the somber mood of the original and expounds on it. I was not fond of the overuse of the sustain pedal - it sounded like you held it down the whole time, and the bleeding of chords every time was distracting. Rubato was a little overused at times too, but towards the end, you went for the power and played it close to the original, which was a good idea. The recording quality could have been better, this didn't sound as full as it could have.

Honestly, I could go either way on it, and I like to lean for a pass in those instances unless something really sounds off. There could have been some slight improvements here, but none which strongly hurt the song individually. Hope to see more, Crimson.

YES (borderline)

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There are some odd note choices here and there; I think it's due to the closeness of the left and right parts as well as melody notes not jibing with the arpeggio notes at points. Still, there's nothing glaringly dissonant, so it seems fine.

I like the piece. It's well arranged and well performed. There's a lot of motion and evolution throughout. I like in the latter half where the left-hand part starts locking in rhythmically with the right hand part; it's nice when there's more going on than just arpeggios.


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Just listening to this as I was going through approvals and was surprised this passed given the production. The recording sounded distant AND significantly lossy. Distant is fine, but the lossyness really hurt this and made it sound like there was no warmth. I also thought the left hand sounded rigid in a few spots. The performance should have been tighter, but nothing sounded egregious as much as somewhat lacking in flow. Once things picked up at 3:00, the performance totally clicked, which was great to hear. Once things got a bit more delicate at 3:42, those slight timing issues were back; again, nothing terrible, but sometimes sluggish enough to break the implied flow/tempo of the piece.

Overall, I thought this was borderline. If the performance was tight OR the recording was pristine, I could get behind this as something with a lopsided strength, because we've certainly passed other mixes like that. But I though this was just under the bar, mainly because of the very lossy production. I realize one could argue that the overall mood behind the song somehow justifies the lossiness of the sound, but I think the negatives of the production go beyond that. Could we please get a WAV of this and have someone remaster this? I think this song would be all the better for it. Let's try that before posting it, because I'd like to see this posted in some form, just not as it sounds right now.

NO (borderline)

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