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BlazBlue: Continuum Shift


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I recall that Calamity Trigger was rather popular with several of us, so I'd like to remind everyone that the update is hitting the US late next month.

Oh, v-13 is apparently coming back as DLC even though she was axed/nerfed in the arcade release.

More importantly, Makoto will also be available as DLC and will grace us with ample under-boob. I may have a new main.


If anyone wants to grab an import copy of the game around the first and tell everyone what we're missing out on-- that'd be awesome.

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You'll have to bear with my lack of skill for a few weeks, I stopped playing CT when SSF4 came out and I'm still not acclimated to playing BB with a stick.

At least you have a stick as I'm stuck with the pad and I've been noticing how it's not responding to my actions enough. Plus I'm currently too cheap to get a stick :sad::puppyeyes:

Hell I'd love to be able to even play SSF4 and BB:CT/CS on a keyboard through usb wire but noooo.

Plus the PC's lately been a doujin spot for me rather than regular commercial gaming...

Edit* Besides you've seen me on SSF4, I kept either high jumping when I meant to launch off the wall and can't even pull out a god damn timed ultra when I needed it most. :lol:

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Currently playing through Story Mode, so I haven't really gotten around to messing with Hazama and Tsubaki yet. I played a few matches online and there's all sorts of small physics tweaks that make the game feel different. I already noticed some changes to Hell's Fang that sort of screw up some of the bullshit I do with Ragna a lot. Probably a good thing as I use Hell's Fang way too much as it is.

I really like the Challenges mode that teach you combos. Now that I have that in hand, I might bother to learn Noel or Jin. Maybe some of my friends who refuse to learn combos (and thus don't provide any competition) might learn them now that the game will just straight up teach you.

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Okay, so after playing it, I've decided I'm gonna buy one of these blazblu games soon, and I'd like opinions on which one I should get.

Suggestions, plx

Yeah just go for Continuum Shift version unless you're absolutely compelled to play through the story line in BB:CT.

Get Guilty Gear. It is the best version of Blaz Blue.

Go home Potemkin :lol:

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