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Anyone need an album artist?

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Hey man! I'm very impressed with your work and am interested in acquiring your services.

I'm gonna send you a link to some stuff for you to ilsten to and maybe get an idea of what i want for an album cover. :D

Awesome bro! I'm downloading your stuff now, gonna listen than hit you up with some ideas!

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The number of blades of grass you drew, blew my mind. Way too much detail, hahah

Hahaha I know sometimes I get carried away, spent hours doing the grass! I guess i know to many people that use photoshop brushes for everything so I do all my effects by hand...

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I'm trying to recruit for an OCR album that covers Flying Dragon (N64). The moment I'm cleared to post the thread will be the moment you become my album artist (your work is sick) The link to the recruit thread is here if anyone is down with working on it.


Yeah dude! You guys can all hit me up on Facebook or Pm or email me!



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Epic quadruple post. That's generally frowned upon here. Someone will probably edit your 4 posts in a single post if they see it.

I've seen your art and it kicks butt. You must work on it a lot, like constantly. I've got some ideas to send you when you're not busy for a different piece of art. :-)

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