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How did everyone do today?

For the most part I was doing fine. Around four my stomach wouldn't stop growling for a couple hours, and I kinda got stuck in a bit of a

you are hungry-> go get food-> no, you're fasting

cycle, but it wasn't all that bad. About ten minutes before it was time to break the fast I suddenly felt really dizzy, and then when it was time I just started with some water. Which tasted kinda... thick.

Thanks for suggesting this.

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I woke up maybe 20 minutes before 8am and right away I was thirsty as hell. It was grueling but I MADE IT. 12+ hours with no food or water or getting pissed or any of that stuff. Soon as it was 8:14pm I must have drank close to a gallon of water and ice in less than 5 minutes. All in all it was a good experience. Self control is eggsellent.

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a huge success. my end-time was 8:28, but I didn't eat or drink anything until like 8:40 or so just to be certain. (and I had to do the dishes and clean the pizza pan since it was dirty). the cat tested my patience a few times, but other than that... A BREEZE! but that was merely just one day.

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