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Legend of Zelda: Hylian Melodies (ReMix project recruiting)


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My main problems are: (Don't think I'm being a terrible person)

1) The Production Values (Usually covered in the final)

2) The drums seem a little random in places.

I feel as if Timpani may get a better feel on top of the ethnic drums you seem to be using.

3) Arrangement wise, the first minute is great ('Cept for the drums no offence)...

at about 1:35 things get a bit awkward.

That may be a spot needing of some tidying up. Then again at 2:00 it transitions a bit awkward... but after that until 3:10 it's really shining like a star.

At 3:10 it sorta trails off... the keys mustn't fit well. At 3:30 it picks back up.

At 4:00 I really think the piano's sharp tone fit well... with the sound of birds and all.

Everything from 4:00 is perfect... the ending however was a bit abrupt, which is fine... but I don't feel it fit. Who knows, maybe with some heavy delay it'll sound like a masterpiece.

The main things that comes to mind to tidy this up are: Better/Less violent drums. The snare kills the feel. The 3:00 mark to 3:30-ish is a little bit bad in the pitch environment.

It needs to be fixed up... perhaps you could change up the source a bit.

In the end, remember It's just my opinion. Don't kill me. Haha

Glad you enjoy mine. I'll get something better done later on. The vocals would be the only problem to sort out... also... slowing it down is probably a bad idea considering it's already pushing 7 minutes. Haha

Tuberz out.

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damnit! I wish I saw this earlier. I was already working on a track that mixes Song of Time with ALttP Dark World theme. oh well...snooze you loose

If you want, you can still send it to me. It could be a bonus track perhaps (or backup if the current remixer doesn't deliver). :)

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Ok here's the latest version of my remix again. I dropped the Sonata completely and replaced it with Saria's Song/Lost Woods. It sounds alot better in my opinion. The only major issues are the transitions which I'm working on now along with a few extra side melodies and harmonies. Hope you guys like it so far and feel free to give me some feedback :-D

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If you want, you can still send it to me. It could be a bonus track perhaps (or backup if the current remixer doesn't deliver). :)

You might have to do that with mine aswell lol. I'm finding it hard to improve upon what you last suggested.

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Hey Sky Rider!

Listening in and I must say


Sounds great. The snare drum was perfect and then the mix just stayed that way.

The transition was perfect also! Only thing I can say is that you should probably work on divvying up the source a bit.

Otherwise the panel will think it's a straight cover of something. Stupid I know but I slide away from that with vocals. Haha

Also, I've signed up for a few more projects as well so my WIPS/mixes will be a little bit more delayed.

But they'll probably be more clean and organised.

Yeah. A step back now, for two steps forward later.

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I'm very, VERY interested in contributing to the project. If Saria's Song is still available, would I be able to take that?

Previous Work:

Old YouTube Profile: http://www.youtube.com/user/DaDude261

I will probably try something new. Not sure what as of yet. I was thinking of mixing it with the OoT title...

Edit: D'oh, OoT Title has been taken. How about The Prelude, to Majora's Mask? Not a final decision though.

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Yes, we are still recruiting! The project has been a bit inactive for a while, but that is about to change.

I have updated the rules in the first post, so be sure go and read them!

Also, several tracks have opened up and more might follow, due to lack of contact from the artists. So, if you've wanted to do a certain track before but it wasn't available, then check again! It might just be now. :)

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Hey it's been awhile and sorry I've been out of touch with the project. Things have just been really busy and I haven't gotten a chance to catch up on a lot of stuff but I'd like to sign up for my old track - Saria's Song mixed the Fishing Hole from Twilight Princess. Here's a touched up version of my older submission but I think I might just start from scratch and try some new things out :


Hope to work with you all again and see this project finally get finished!

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