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OverClocked After Dark - We're BACK! 01/18/14 - You can't handle it all

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Episode 99 - What's Jewish Detention Like?

Ladies and Gentlemen, please be sure to tune in this Sunday, May 6th, at 7PM EST for the historic 100th episode of OverClocked After Dark. We will have some surprise guests and a LOT of fan interaction, so get your ears ready, fire up your skype, and tune in for a ridiculous marathon session of thrills, spills, chills, pills, and if we're lucky, hydrological drills.

We will be bringing fans on the show one at a time to help partake! be sure to add overclocked_after_dark to your skype friends!

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EPISODE 100 OF OCAD IS TONIGHT AT 7 PM! Be sure to listen to this historic milestone in our show's history, and along for the ride will be our friends over at Nerdy Show, joining us thanks to the magic of Television! www.8bitx.com

If by yesterday you mean nearly 3 years ago, then yes.

Doesn't feel like 3 years. IT STILL FEELS LIKE OCAD IS JUST A BABY.

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