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OverClocked After Dark - We're BACK! 01/18/14 - You can't handle it all

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OCAD IS BACK! Original post being edited to announce this crap.

We return to regular broadcasting starting at 8PM on Sunday, January 19th, 2014. We're going to be livestreaming via Youtube and will be doing regular OCAD shows every other Sunday.

We're doing the OCADemy awards tomorrow night and are sorting everything out as it comes along. Come along and check it out...again!

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Oh lord. Whatever Gackt is, DO NOT WANT. >_<

You can't unsee him! LOOK AT THE HORROR!

Episode 35.

If this disorganization keeps up, I am gonna take my thread back.


Crap, I can't think of a good metaphor here, but you get the point.

OCAD is getting classy and organized?

Duke Nukem Forever is coming out?

Gacky image has been shown?!

Yeah, it's probably the end-times now, ain't it?

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