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OCR02147 - *YES* Mega Man 'Light's Out'


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Dear djp and judges of OCR,

Game Over are happy to present this brand new Mega Man remix, a reinterpretation of the Cut Man theme.

I started working on this arrangement in 2007 when I went on a US roadtrip together with Mr. MAGFest. I think I even showed my notebook to djp when we had lunch at Fuddruckers which I, after a long roadtrip rated as the best burger place (I don't even know if he remembers this, hehe).

The guitars were recorded with a miced up Marshall Valvestate at my summerhouse. Due to the loud volume I had to run out during the takes, close the door to the cabin and sit on a rotted bench that even fell apart during one take. Getting the guitars right for this song was a bitch. At first it may sound like a standard rock song but the syncopation in this one is crazy. To make things even harder, we just had to do it so that there are two rhythm guitar parts playing simultaneously - one doing the riff and one playing the chords. Both are syncopated differently. This was of course quite challenging for the drummer as well. We never thought good old Cut Man would give us this much trouble. Even the lyrics were pretty hard to write because of the awkward rhythm. They were by the way inspired by Metallica's Disposable Heroes where soldiers are puppets and viewed as completely useless when injured. The soldier in this case is of course Mega Man who's being used as a tool by Dr. Light (hence the apostrophe in the title). In this song he cries out his disappointment over the betrayal of his creator. I don't know why it came out so dark in the end but I guess that's just Game Over in a nutshell. ;)

All members except for myself were replaced during the making of this song. The most significant change may be the new vocalist, Juggler. Light's Out also marks the debut of bassist Dasaten.

The current line-up consists of:

Vocals - Juggler (Marcus Carlén)

Guitar - Wire (Elisabeth Pezouvanis)

Bass - Dasaten (Dustin Shomer)

Drums - Egg (Mårten)

We have attached some new promo pics to this email - one of Juggler and one band pic. I think our info page on OCR still has the old line-up.

I don't know if you need this info but our Youtube channel is at: http://www.youtube.com/user/nintendometal

and our Facebook page is:


ReMix info:

Your ReMixer name: Game Over

Your email address: gameover@nintendometal.com

Your website: http://www.nintendometal.com

Your userid (number, not name) on our forums: 747

Dasaten's userid: 20094

Name of game arranged: Mega Man

Name of individual song arranged: Cut Man

Here are the lyrics:

In my hour of distress

I suffer in my lonliness


Hanging on by a thread

Not a sound but the blood pounding in my head

You left me without a trace

Treated me like a disgrace

My life

Is slowly fading away

As it flashes before my eyes I feel betrayed



Go to war

Fight 'til you can't fight no more

That's what it's all about

When the veils of darkness surround you

Light's Out!


We fought the battle side by side

Against creations you denied


Was just an army of one

Indoctrinated machine was what I had become

A servant at your beck and call

Loyal, always standing tall

A pawn

Bred to lay down my soul

Lacerated and wasted, left out in the cold


Chorus 2:


Go to war

Fight 'til you can't fight no more

Death's what it's all about

I feel the veils of darkness around me

The image of you as the enemy

Light's out I bid my farewell to the world

/Game Over through Wire.


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I do love me some Game Over.

I can hear how the layered syncopation could be tricky to follow, but fortunately the production here is top notch, so the two guitars don't get needlessly mashed together. Plus things lock together when the chorus hits, which helps the listener re-orient.

Great performances, fantastic vocals. Very nice.


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Vocals seem a little low in the mix, but were still clear enough. The guitars were pretty solid, and the bass and drums were nicely locked down. Excellent and classic sounding chorus. The solo was pretty cool, and the air raid into the chorus afterward was pretty awesome. XD

I think the lyrics are pretty solid, and the vocal performance was great. The track length was perfect, and overall I was feeling this. The arrangement was somewhat conservative, but vocals, harmonies, solos, and some unique riffage keep it very personalized.


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Wow, great work guys! The original lyrics and chorus harmonies are excellent. It sounds like the key is pushing Marcus' voice a bit out of his comfort zone, but he still pulls it off very well. You're all very talented at your respective instruments, and the production sounds slick. I think a certain smiley is in order...



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