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New SGX album - Wonderful Bite. It's free to download, ya'll!


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Hey guys, check it out! My new album, Wonderful Bite is out!


It's a lot more upbeat, fun, aggressive compared to my last album, and features two vocal tracks. It's pretty kickass!

You can download it for free or stream all of it here: http://albums.sgxmusic.com/album/wonderful-bite-free

However, there's a version for $5.99 download or $12.99 disc preorder that has some extras:

-Longer album editions of most of the tracks

-Three short interlude tracks that are rad

-A bonus remix by Hollidayrain

-Full album liner note art (exclusive to the disc or via the download version on Protagonist Records)

-Instrumental versions of the two vocal tracks (exclusive to Protagonist Records digital version)

Buy from me: http://albums.sgxmusic.com/album/wonderful-bite

It's also available via cdbaby, iTunes, Zune, Amazon mp3, etc.

More details on the album: http://www.sgxmusic.com/?p=328

Also, for an extra dollar when you order the CD, I'll send you a second copy for you to give to a friend who doesn't know about SGX. Details on the order page.

Hope you guys like it. Thanks for listening!

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Thanks for listening guys, and thanks to those who purchased.

Curious what you think about the difference between the free and paid versions? I tried to make sure the free version didn't feel cut down or gimped, while adding extra stuff to the paid that would be of interest to people who liked the free content.

Hope you guys will share the free link with all your friends who haven't heard of me yet!

Edit: also, thanks to Malcos for doing the voiceover in track 1 of the free version (it's a hidden track that only shows up when you download the entire Wonderful Bite Free). In case you were wondering who that was (I don't have an english accent. Hah!)

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This album is so awesome that I pre-ordered it before it was conceieved.


I've never listened to the free one before. Jumped straight into the full album download, haha. So can't comment about that version :(

Free version might still be worth grabbing. Some tracks are rearranged a bit (particularly Right Back Up) which might be interesting to you. Also, they get to the point quicker, so if you have ADD you might even prefer these versions :)

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Thanks for the signed copy! I really enjoy the new stuff. Not sure if I like it as much as Hero of the Grey Area yet, but it also took me awhile to say that I liked Hero more than Chroma. I still listen to that album quite often.

I'll also make sure to find a good home for that extra copy. Waiting for the right person who digs this kind of thing to come along so I can spread the word. ;)

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