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at the same rate, the life bar segments will remind every noob lina not to waste her burst on that fed bristleback.

so while mana is obscured, focusing your dmg will be way easier in the heat of the battle. from my experience, failure to focus dmg is the 2nd most significant factor for losing games (right after lacking map awareness/TPs).

i really don't get it. i liked those life bars when i first saw them but by now i think they're way too analytical!

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I just finished a practice match of Dota2. First impressions:

-Shop interface is better than the WC3 engine but still _sucks_ compared to HoN or LoL. This needs work badly

-Framerate doesn't seem as smooth as HoN / LoL -- this may be because they are trying to emulate DotA1 exactly, but also needs fixing before release, since it makes the game look aged in comparison.

Everything else seems perfect. Gameplay rocked, I won 3v5 by raping some serious face with Tiny, letting my Antimage get so fed it was ludicrous. Really looking forward to playing it as development continues.

Edit: Tensei is right -- the game looks like a freaking dream. It plays excellently also, and tomorrow I am going to be playing a ton on my day off as soon as Tensei is free. :P

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so i played a few bot games and my conclusion is

DAMN its been awhile since i played dota

the map is much larger, and it is much easier to lose track of your map awareness. i did pretty terrible mostly due to the fact that i didn't pay close enough attention in the earliest levels and someone would come up and kill me, but by my last game with sand boy i was getting things done, killing and supporting the team like i was supposed to be. i think the shop interface is a little wonky compared to what i'm used to but its just what you're used to, by the 3rd game i knew where to find what i was looking for no problem. i also got chop, but i think that's latency; i could be wrong but that's what it looked like to me.

overall i'm really excited about this game. now just to do some research on a couple champs so i know how to build intelligently

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I think the low FPS might be because it hasn't really been optimized yet, but it ran mostly smooth for me.

Shop could use some improvements and could definitely be a bit more like LoL (+hotkeys), but overall it didn't bother me that much.

Hearing Tinker say "We have established the melting point of Crystal Maiden" in a Dr. Kleiner voice after lasering her cracked me up.

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