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Flat Notes: A Paper Mario ReMix Album - 7 TRACKS AVAILABLE!


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Flat Notes: A Paper Mario ReMix Album

This is only for the N64 Paper Mario, not GameCube, Wii, 3DS, or Wii U.

Current Staff:


Assistant Director: Hylian Lemon

WIP Feedback/Critique Assistance: Nutritious

Advice: Bahamut

Remixers: Chernabogue, Brandon Strader, Hylian Lemon, Damashii!!, Skyline Drop, Tuberz McGee, jnWake, Hicky Eighth, KingTiger, G-Mixer

Assets Available to Remixers: Chris | Amaterasu (Violinist), blazerh44 (Male Vocals), Terra Mater (Female Vocals, Various Instruments, see page 6 for sample links), Orangedragan (Bass/Baritone Vocals), One-Winged Angle (Baritone Vocals, Lyrics), Pl511 (Piano)

Title Submitted by Mirby


As far as a vision goes, it's pretty straight forward and somewhat obvious. Paper Mario was focused mostly on the story aspect of the game (the Japanese version was called "Mario Story" after all). Also, Paper Mario was a unique fusion between 2D and 3D. Now since I usually picture good storytelling music to be orchestral, but also due to the fusion, this project is going to be in the style of orchestra-fusion, with specific tracks selected to keep the flow of the story going. Any style is permissible, but it must incorporate orchestra in some integral way. In the background, in the forefront, in it's entirety, whatever you choose. Once the listed tracks are taken, I will open it up to requests from any overflow artists that would like to participate.

Main Album


Main Title - Damashii!! ft. Chris | Amaterasu

Story of the Stolen Spirits

A Party at Peach's Castle & Angry Bowser- Chernabogue


Goomba Village - KingTiger

Star Spirits' Request - Skyline Drop & Damashii!!

Chapter 1

Koopa Bros. Keep Cool & Attack of the Koopa Bros.- jnWake

Chapter 2

Dry Dry Desert Trek & Dry Dry Ruins Quest- Hylian Lemon

Chapter 3

Gusty Gulch Adventure - jnWake

Chapter 4

Keeping Pace

Chapter 5

Welcome to Yoshi's Village &/or Jade Jungle

Chapter 6

Huffin' and Puffin' - KingTiger

Chapter 7

Crystal Palace Crawl & Freeze! - jnWake

Chapter 8

Siege on Bowser's Castle - Tuberz McGee


Bowser's Rage - Brandon Strader

Wish of the Princess - G-Mixer
King of the Koopas

Defeat Bowser Beware! Bowser's Castle!, Return to Peach's Castle& Goodbye, Twink! (Medley)


Princess Peach Saved

Mario & Peach

Bonus Tracks

Master Battle - Hicky Eighth

Additional Stuff

I would eventually like to see this become an Official OCReMix album, just in case that has any bearing on your mixing. If this takes off, I'll also need some artists for album art, promotional art (wallpapers, etc.) and site design.

If you're interested in participating, shoot me a PM with what you would consider to be your best work, and I'll let you know if you're in or not.

The rest of the thread can be for feedback and suggestions. It would be nice to know if I'm on the right track with this.

Alright, I've definitely taken up enough space, so I'll shut up. I hope to hear back from some people! :-)

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It's an interesting idea, but you might get a bigger response without the one-medley-for-each-chapter idea. A lot of remixers around here are already devoting their time to other projects, and the idea of remixing an entire chapter of Paper Mario (especially for a project run by someone unfamiliar) could be a little exhausting. That said, I don't think there would be enough interested orchestral remixers to cover all the tracks individually. We'll see.

Of course, I'd love to help out with anything related to the Mario RPGs. I'd be interested in a bonus track at some point, or I'd be willing to collaborate with someone who's better with orchestra stuff but doesn't want an entire track.

Edited by Hylian Lemon
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Duly noted. As I mentioned, I know my newness puts me at a disadvantage, but I figured it couldn't hurt.

As far as the track selection goes, that was the best idea I could come up with. Remixing all of the tracks individually would be a daunting and unrealistic task, but only taking select tracks would take away from the story aspect. And, just for clarification, I wasn't saying that each chapter must be a medley; that was merely a suggestion to help make things more manageable. I probably could have worded things better.

Within the boundaries of story-telling film score (since I would like that to be the concept for part 1), I am open to ideas to make it more manageable if anyone has any. Fresh perspectives and constructive criticism are what makes projects enjoyable and well-done in my opinion. :smile:

And, although part 2 isn't open yet, I did post it there to let people's ideas start flowing. Just sayin. :wink:

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Just an update/bump.

Speeeven has signed up for the introduction division of the project. He may be as new as I am, but he's got a lot of potential and the example he gave me was exactly the kind of thing that I was looking for.

Also, I added a note under the Division explanation section, since there was a discrepancy brought to my attention. Check it out. :smile:

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Another bump and progress update.

I added a list of staff for the project to the original post. It's a little empty right now, but you can change that. :wink:

Hylian Lemon has graciously agreed to help with some of the organizational aspects of the project, at least for the time being.

I've gotten a few comments on the overall size/scope of the track list (or lack thereof), so we'll be working to make that aspect of the project clearer and easier to manage for remixers that would like to sign on. If you were interested in the overall project idea, but had no clue what you were being asked to remix, stay tuned, and we'll try and remedy that. :-?

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I . . . er . . . um . . . I honestly can't come up with a response to that. :lmassoff:

So I'm assuming that was a "I'm in, but not going to be able to start until next year." Do you want me to reserve you a section tentatively? Do you have a sample I could listen to? Do you have PM? Is the inner turmoil really that fierce? Do I need to ask all these questions? :tomatoface:

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But make sure you get auditions, and ask a judge if they're passable if you aren't sure.

*Points at the original post*

If you're interested in participating, shoot me a PM with what you would consider to be your best work . . . and I'll let you know if you're in or not

Which he did, and I think it fits. And once a potentially complete track meets my standards, I'll also run it by a judge to make sure it meets OCR's standards as well. Just stating the facts. :wink:

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Funny how things work out. Iggy Koopa had already created a pop version of the Pop Diva's Song a while back, and it was never really released. So he's taking on the instrumental aspect of the closing track. Lyrics and vocals (preferably female, just due to the source material) are still needed for this track though.

Also, Nutritious has kindly offered his services to help with product control on WIPs. Don't send your tracks to him though. Send them to me first.

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Additional Stuff

. . .

Here's RPG Music's Complete Alphabetized List of Paper Mario Source Tunes. Some of the tracks here are not on the OST but are used in the game. As I have time, I'll divide them all up into links under the divisions above, but this'll do for now. If you here a source track you want to remix, let me know, and I can put you in the categories above if they're open.

And I apologize for the microupdates. I got a little carried away with those. :???:

EDIT: Well, thanks to Hylian Lemon for an organizes list of links, we now have source tune options in the divisions section! Let's give him a big hand! I'll be keeping the master list link there for future reference.

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Added a new section under staff: Assets Available for Remixers. Basically, if you want to help out, but you're not ready to do a solo remix, you can offer your instrumental, mastering, etc skills so that Remixers know they're available. Chris | Amaterasu is offering his violin skills to any remixers interested in using said instrument in a mix. :nicework:

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